These days, we live in a tech-focused culture. There are few hours of our lives that aren’t dominated by screen time and constant email updates. Being bombarded by distracting information and new technology is exhausting – that’s why 2020 color trends are taking it back to basics. The color experts at Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have made their selections. This year we can look forward to a palette inspired by the great outdoors.

Behr: Back to Nature 

This earthy shade of soothing green is one of nature’s favorite colors. With its vibrant tone and revitalizing hue, it is the perfect color to bring the outdoors inside. Echoing the lacy canopies found in soothing forests, this shade is sure to be popping up in homes around the world for 2020. Green is said to inspire creativity and promote calm, so try adding it to your office or bath. For a fun pop, make a statement with a colorful door or accent wall.

Benjamin Moore: First Light

Soft and rosy, Benjamin Moore’s First Light is inspired by the soft glow of an early dawn. It stirs up visions of warm sandstone walls and blooming florals. For 2020, Benjamin Moore has focused on the soothing powers of pastel. Nature lovers rejoice – their collections include delicate greens and crystalline blues, papery whites and buttery creams. To keep these colors from looking too sweet, try using them in unexpected ways. A bold piece of furniture or pink kitchen can be unique and refreshing. Tastefully anchored with natural materials, like wood and stone, this tender tone will be everywhere in the coming year.

Sherwin Williams: Naval

Naval gives nod to Art Deco influences, bold opulence and the mysterious depths of the sea. It fuses the power of nature with a striking, deep tone that is sure to catch the eye. A bit further out of the comfort zone for some, this color is sure to embolden others to take a chance and embrace a new decade of change. Try it as a dark expanse on a high ceiling, a backing to showcase bright and colorful art or in the bedroom to create a soothing den to relax and recharge. Along with Naval, Sherwin Williams has also released a collection of deep greens and golds to ground their shade and increase its ties to plants, sunlight and the natural world.

While paint companies focus on color trends and changing tastes, the need for connection with nature has been growing over the past decades. From biophilic design, a style that ties earthly elements and features to industrial architecture, to an increase in the popularity of houseplants, bringing the outdoors in is one trend not-to-miss for 2020.

The more we rely on technology, the greater the need for balance with the natural world. Incorporate practices that include slowness and mindfulness in everyday life. Get outside, take a walk and disconnect from the chaos of everyday. While color can bring serenity into your space, don’t neglect your essential connection with the outside world.

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