A little planning can go a long way when it comes to keeping your home looking its best. No matter what kind of weather you may be facing this season, plan to help your home stay in shape through the winter months. Check out our top three tips for keeping your floor looking great through the rain, sleet and snow.


#1 Keep the Outdoors Out

Your best first defense against damage is to keep dirt out. Stop dirt at the door by investing in high-quality floor mats and mud pans. Create a designated shoe station to trap dirt and make for easy cleanup. For exposed exterior entryways, choose a mat that is thick, durable and resistant to mildew. Rubber backed coir, made from straw or coconut husk, is a reliable choice as is jute but only in more protected areas. For inside the home, select a slimmer, washable cotton option that is soft on bare feet but easy to clean.


#2 Deep Clean Carpets

Don’t wait until spring to deep clean your carpets. Increased traffic, closed windows and recirculated air means allergens have nowhere to go – leaving pet dander, dirt and leftover pollen to sink deep into carpet backings and fibers. Most carpet manufacturers recommend a yearly deep washing anyway, but since winter time cold means a lot of time spend inside, the winter season is a great time to get a jump on the project. Let the professionals handle this one with steam, hot water extraction and plenty of elbow grease to get your carpets ready for the holidays.


#3 Hydrate

Seasonal change can bring a whole host of weather-related issues. From cold, brisk nights to desert dry days, your floors feel the change in humidity as much as you do. Even the best-made floors will swell and contract based on the amount of water in the air. Help them out by adding a humidifier into your home. The extra moisture in will keep your guests feeling great and ensure your floors stay in their best condition for years to come.