Late nights, increased stress and the weight of work and family obligations can take a hefty toll on your sleep. When you wake up tired and exhausted, it sets the tone for your whole day. But if you’re hitting the hay early and doing the best to get in your Z’s you may have an unsuspecting culprit sabotaging your plans – your bedroom. A few simple changes can make a world of difference to transform your sleep space into a restful escape.


First, focus on your senses. How does the room look, what do you see and feel when you walk in? Is the bed put together and welcoming? Start with a simple change like lighting. Swap out sheer or transparent window coverings for something opaque. Blackout curtains are great for daytime napping or sleeping past sunrise. Bluetooth enabled light bulbs create instant dimmable lighting as well as a soothing atmosphere. Reduce electronic use before bed and swap out your phone for a real deal alarm clock. Add some greenery, like fresh florals or leafy houseplants to add scents and clear the air. Lastly make sure to remove clutter and put away clothes and other personal items.


From construction noise to yard work there are quite few options for minimizing noise pollution in your bedroom. For homes with wood floors, add a plush carpet with rug pad to muffle ambient noise and dampen footsteps. Make sure your door closes securely and that the threshold meets the floor, eliminating gaps. Invest in a quality noise machine to create your perfect soundscape and finally, earplugs as a last resort. For a finishing touch, don’t be afraid to add a diffuser to humidify the air and add natural calming scents.


Texture and temperature are next on the list. Being too cold or too hot can be a major factor in sleep disruption, so make sure you adjust as needed for your personal preference. Change out old bedding for fresh sheets made of cooling cotton or luxury linen. In winter months, add fluffy blankets and an insulating duvet. Invest in a quality mattress, one that offers support and longevity as well as a comfortable pillow.

So the next time you find yourself throwing back endless cups of coffee, take a moment to make a few simple design changes that will increase your nightly rest. Start your morning fresh by making sure that your sleep space is optimized for maximum relaxation and reclaim restful nights once more.