Self-care means many things to many people, but in essence it is taking a moment to fill your own personal needs.  Whether you have five minutes or five hours, there are plenty of ways to catch a break right in your own home.


When you don’t have time to break a sweat, a quick brain reset can help re-center your thoughts. Connect to your breath and do a quick meditation. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth focusing on the sound and feeling of the air passing through your body. Gently stretch your neck, arms and back to release the tension. Repeat for five minutes followed by a big drink of water to rehydrate.

Clear Clutter

Messy counters and floors can add stress to an already cluttered mind. Set a timer and do a 20-minute refresh on your living space. Put away clothes, toss old mail, fill the dishwasher, clear the sink and give your counters a quick wipe down. Clearing up any loose items will visually make the space feel cleaner and help to quiet a tired mind.

Self Care Spa Escape

While you might not be able to indulge in a full spa getaway, you can create a quiet relaxing space in a flash. Indulge your five senses with relaxing sights, smells, taste, touch and sounds. Dim the lights and light a scented candle, pour a bath or start a shower. Don’t forget a refreshing cup of hot or iced tea and a freshly laundered towel. Take a bath, read a book and sit in the dim lighting with your favorite tunes. Massage hands and feet with scented lotion and relax in your own private staycation.

Get grounded in the Garden

Adding indoor plants to your home can do wonders in creating a calm soothing environment. Not only do they freshen the air, but also plants have been proven to lower stress and remove environmental toxins. Relax and rejuvenate by caring for your plants. Trim away dead leaves, water, fertilize and repot if necessary. For small spaces, create a kitchen herb garden and plant in a sunny window. If you have a backyard or patio, get those springtime vegetables going with pots or raised beds. Working in the soil is a great activity for reconnecting with your creativity and getting grounded.

Shake it Out

Dance, lift, bike or move around your home! Get your blood pumping with some body weight exercises or an energy boosting yoga session. Mindful movement can help clear your mind and offer a quick reset when everything feels overwhelming. Step out for a walk, a stroll through the backyard or set up your bedroom or living room for a quick workout.

Get Creative

Find your inner artist with a creative project. Paint the walls, color a canvas, rearrange your furniture or journal it out. Allow yourself the freedom to experiment with color, texture and style.

Seek Support

Sometimes the best way to relax is to connect. Phone a friend or family member for a catch up session. Cuddle up with a furry friend and relax with a good book. Settle down for some low-key conversation, snacks and healthy eats and laugh it up. Fill your tank and others in the process.