Looking to start fresh this spring? April is National Decorating Month and a perfect time to give your space some attention. Set aside some time for a mini-makeover and check out our quick hitting list of 30 simple changes to update your home.

Liven up Those Living Spaces

  • Curate your entryway with a new seating area, coat rack and boot storage
  • Rearrange the furniture, move chairs, restage end tables and scoot the sofa, get some fresh energy into your favorite lounge space
  • Change out tired rugs for something bold – think bright colors, oversized patterns and interesting texture.
  • Update the photos in your gallery wall
  • Reupholster or redistribute throw pillows, give those guest room decorations a chance to shine in another part of the house
  • Deep clean the trim, baseboards and door frames
  • Change out the shower curtain, bath rugs and towels
  • Improve your air with houseplants – select low or high light options depending on your individual needs
  • Upgrade your lighting with LEDs, Bluetooth bulbs or dimmer switches
  • Make a statement wall shine – add fresh bright paint, patterns or wallpaper

Curate the Kitchen

  • Streamline your dinnerware – stow away extra plates, platters or storage containers that are just taking up space
  • Change up your seating – reupholster, rearrange or paint your stools and chairs. Invest in a bench or cozy banquette for your table
  • Update your fixtures with modern brass or bronze for statement making metallics
  • Clean and dust pendant lights or change out the shades
  • Add open shelving to display your favorite pieces
  • Go monochromatic with your colors – stick to one tone or shade for all your kitchen accessories
  • Create vignettes and set up a coffee bar or snack station
  • Cull the pantry – donate or discard canned goods, spices and other surplus goods
  • Break out the label maker and get organized!
  • Plant a countertop herb garden or splurge on fresh flowers

Overhaul the Outdoors

  • Clear out any dead or distressed plants, pick weeds, fertilize and mulch
  • Add seating – a garden swing, patio table or cozy loungers
  • Fight off the chill with a firepit, either built in or portable fueled with wood or gas
  • Bask in soothing serenity by adding a water feature
  • Create a pathway out of flagstone, pavers or concrete
  • Go green and build a compost station or invest in a compost tumbler
  • Upgrade your flowerpots and break away from generic plastic and terra cotta
  • Illuminate pathways with solar or LED lights
  • Seeking shade? Add a retractable awning or all-weather umbrella
  • Replace lawns with artificial turf for a maintenance free summer season