Dust and dirt will inevitably land on your blinds and shades. Because of this it’s important to know the proper care and cleaning guidelines for your window covers. Not only will a thorough cleaning help keep your blinds or shades looking brand new, but it will also extend their life and keep your home allergen-free. We have compiled a list of easy DIY cleaning tips to ensure your blinds and shades are in tip top shape. Before we begin, it is important to note that if you’re ever in doubt of how to clean a specific blind or shade, utilizing a professional cleaner is a surefire way to ensure the job is done properly.

Fun Fact: All Hunter Douglas products are made for a lifetime of wear-resistance, trouble free performance. Their inventory consists of numerous shade fabrics that are treated to repel dust and dirt. For example, the Aluminum horizontal blinds are treated with Dust Shield™, which is an anti-static paint additive that inhibits dust build-up.

We’ve cooked up a simple cleaning routine to make cleaning blinds & shades as easy as 1-2-3.

How To Clean Blinds

  1. Dust First! Grab a rag or a soft microfiber cloth and get to work on removing the dust from your blinds. You can gently tilt the mini blinds up and down in order to wipe the entire surface off.
  2. Deep clean with your vacuum. Utilize a vacuum with a brush attachment for further cleaning. Use a vertical stroke and repeat the steps listed above to clean the entire blind surface.  As a reminder, reference your user manual to ensure your blind material is safe for vacuum brush attachments.
  3. Remove dirt with water. Remove any stubborn dirt or sticky residue with a damp microfiber cloth and a small amount of dish soap. Gently wipe the blinds clean and bask in their clean and pristine glory!

How To Clean Shades

  1. Grab your Vacuum. Use the suction power of your vacuum to lift any surface-level dust and dirt from your shade. If your shade is brush attachment safe, gently sweep the brush across the fabric.  Word of warning – do not vacuum without the brush attachment as this many cause the fabric to crumble up and become deformed.
  2. Clean with Compressed Air. Like a mini air compressor, a can of compressed air will blow away any debris that’s been stuck deep within the fabric cells. If you don’t have compressed air on hand, you can utilize a hair dryer (with no heat!) in a pinch.
  3. Spot Clean Stains. Use a soft cloth or moist sponge to blot any stains with a lint-free cloth. You can add a mild detergent if needed. I know we sound like a broken record, but please refer back to your user manual to ensure your specific shade material is safe for spot cleaning.

By following these 3 easy steps, your blinds and shades will continue to look brand new and last for years to come.