Although it seems like a simple choice, picking happy paint colors for your home can require more effort than just choosing a paint sample. Faced with a wall of seemingly thousands of swatches, it can be easy to get list in the forest of choices.

How do you know which color suits your space?

Does the tone match the look and feel of the room?

What color can uplift your mood and give you a jolt of energy for the foreseeable future?

Colors are often deeply personal and are rooted in our own past experiences. This connection is often referred to in color psychology.

What is Color Psychology?

To put it simply, color psychology is the science of how colors relate to human behavior. It assigns emotional and psychological connotations between colors and emotions. Because of the connection color has with past experiences, it’s important to remember some of these definitions may not ring true for everyone. Before deciding on a color, ask yourself – does this particular tone resonate with me?  Surround yourself with tones that uplift your mood and increase your positivity.


The color of sunshine!  The color yellow is scientifically proven to raise your happiness hormones.  It is associated with communication, self-esteem, and power.  In the study of Feng Shui, yellow belongs to the fire element.  By doing so it evokes positivity, optimism, and happiness.  Look to pale yellows to invite a welcome and cheery energy into your room, as well as creating a space for increased memory and concentration.


Purple is a color connected with luxury, power, nobility, and wisdom.  Shades such as lavender create environments for quiet introspection.  Purple in sleeping spaces allow for restful and soothing sleep.  By creating a space for quite reflection you can ensure you get enough shut eye and beauty sleep.


Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and workspaces, blue is the epitome of serenity and tranquility.  This classic color reflects peace, harmony, and trust and has been shown to reduce tension and stress in day-to-day

life.  To harness the full power of the color, opt for lighter and brighter shades that will aide with soothing your eyes and reducing stress.  Light blues will project a relaxed vibe to your space, with contrasting dark blues bringing confidence, sophistication, and security.


A color associate with love, red is forceful and lively.  It’s typically linked to sentiments of drive and enthusiasm.  Red, gives its viewers a sense of confidence, strength, and bravery.  Even the smallest tint of red can become a powerful mood enhancer that is both dynamic and provocative.


Another classic design color, green is the color of optimism and refreshment.  Do you want to bring the feeling of the great outdoors into your house?  If so, this is the color for you!  This hue has a deep connection with nature and relieves stress, relaxes the mind, and allows for growth.  Due to the availability of shades, designers utilize light and dark shades of green to create living spaces that feel balanced and rejuvenating.  As green soothes stress, it is good for the bathroom, study, and kitchen.  It’s ability to reduce stress and worry will help banish the Sunday Scaries from anyone’s home office.


Although not the most common color choice, orange is seen as warm, welcoming, and strong.  Similar to red and yellow, it’s liveliness can help you feel energized and enthusiastic.  It’s fun and carefree feeling can liven up even the gloomiest of spaces.