Whether you are new to the design space or a veteran in the home décor world, you are sure to have heard a fair share of flooring myths. From laminate to vinyl, tile and wood the pros and cons of each option can often spill into the realm of rumor. What is true – is that each of these floors can shine in its own right. No matter which type you choose, there is a perfect fit for your space and lifestyle. Throughout the years, we have seen our fair share of flooring myths. Join us as we debunk and shed some light on some of the most common. 


Myth #1 Laminate looks cheap

Due to its affordability, popularity and storied history, laminate flooring has the unfortunate reputation for looking inexpensive when installed. While this may have been true many years ago, today there are 

hundreds of styles, textures, and finishes available that mimic almost every hardwood or stone option on the market. As photography and printing improved, so did laminate. Since the top layer of laminate consists of a high-quality image of the desired material which is then covered by a protective coating, this improvement made a world of difference. Cutting edge technology and high-resolution images have created laminate flooring that looks just like the real thing, at a fraction of the cost.

Myth #2 Laminate flooring is difficult to clean

Due to the fiberboard core, which may be harmed by moisture, many homeowners feel laminate flooring is difficult to clean and maintain. This, however is not the case! Due to the style of installation, with click and lock technology, laminate boards are placed securely together which results in zero gaps between boards. Without gaps, dirt and debris have nowhere to hide and now stay on the surface of the floor. This makes for an easy clean up with a vacuum or dust mop.


Myth #3 Wood floors require a lot of maintenance

If you can handle hand-washing a vacuum sealed water bottle, you can easily care for your hardwood floors! This labor-intensive myth most likely stems from the unsealed types of years past.  Modern hardwood floors are resistant to scratches, dents and other wear and tear. Basic maintenance requires a vacuum with a floor brush attachment. Spilled liquids are still not hardwood’s friend, so keep moisture to a minimum and use a damp cloth to wipe and clean.  

Myth #4 Hardwood is expensive

While hardwood may have a higher cost up front, they are more cost effective in the long run as they add value to your home and with care can last for years. Hardwood can easily be refinished to suit any style changes as years pass and replaced if UV or water damage takes too much of a toll. 


Myth #5 Carpeting aggravates allergies

Carpet is commonly blamed for causing the majority of home allergy flare ups. But in reality, the opposite is true. Todays carpet fibers actually do a great job trapping airborne allergens when they settle on the ground. Dirt, pollen, dander and other irritants become trapped in the carpet and usually remain there until vacuumed up. While this could in theory cause a build up of allergens, with proper cleaning carpet is no more guilty of causing an allergy attack than your faux flowers. Using a vacuum fitted with a HEPA filtration system cuts down on airborne dust even more. So don’t deprive yourself of cozy, cushy underfoot rugs, in the hopes of a sniffle-less home. 

Myth #6 Carpet is outdated and boring

Like other flooring types, carpet continues to be redesigned and modernized to fit with the current trends. Due to the vast array of colors and fiber choices, there really is something for everyone. From vintage shag to velvety soft wall-to-wall today’s carpet comes in every color of the rainbow and every texture. 


Myth #7 Tile flooring is cold

Out of all the myths we examined, this is the only one that holds a bit of truth. Glazed tile is a temperature conductor. So over time, it rises and falls with the ambient temperature. Because of this if tile is exposed to colder temperatures, it will remain chilly for extended periods of time. In some cases, radiant heat mats can be utilized beneath the tile to help heat the flooring. Another thing to consider is the location where the tile is being installed.  Tile laid above a well-insulated region, away from the exterior will conduct less chill.

Myth #8 Tile is not durable

Porcelain, ceramic, and travertine tiles are far more durable than you may think.  Although it is possible to chip or crack, tile does so considerably less frequently than other flooring materials.  Tile is also one of the only materials that will not be damaged by water, as well as the only substance that will not be scratched or dented by pet’s claws.