Do Ice Cubes Really Remove Carpet Dents? We Put it to the Test.

Rearranging furniture can be a fun project that brings new life to a room. There’s just one problem as you stand on your plush carpet and take in your handiwork.


Everywhere you look, there are impressions left in the carpeting – from the sofa, the coffee table, even chairs.

Fortunately, there’s a simple life hack that can eliminate those dents and even out your carpet.

Editor’s Note: We read about this handy tip on numerous sites. But we didn’t want to take anyone’s word for it, so we put it to the test ourselves using a Next Day Floors’ sample of Shaw Floors’ Natural Look carpet in Asian Sand. This carpet is stain resistant and has a 10-year quality assurance warranty. It has a high performance rating for withstanding foot traffic.

How it works

Cover the dented carpet area with ice cubes and allow the cubes to melt. This might be the hardest part! We started melting the cubes at 9:50 a.m. and it wasn’t until about 2 p.m. that the cubes finally melted. It may take even longer depending on various circumstances – but patience is key!

Once the cubes are melted, you can use a paper napkin to lightly blot the area and then use your finger or even a spoon to help gently lift up the carpet threads. Then let the area dry completely for another couple of hours, and “Presto!” the carpet dent has vanished.

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