A little planning can go a long way when it comes to keeping your home looking its best. Contrary to what you may have heard, classic hardwood is sustainable, durable and within your reach. Wood floors combine style and functionality to any home project, so come with us as we run through these easy ways to care for your floors.

Minimize Debris

The greatest threat to your floors is also the smallest in size. Grit, sand and tiny hard particles can quickly find their way indoors to damage delicate floors and rugs. The easiest way to avoid this is to make sure to vacuum on a consistent schedule. A damp mop or lint free cloth does wonders for capturing dust keeping your floors looking new. Finally, while not everyone keeps a shoe-free home, removing boots, high heeled shoes and footwear with large treads can stop debris at the door.

Avoid Damage

Both natural and engineered floors are surprisingly durable. Dense woods like oak, maple, cherry and bamboo are highly resistant to normal everyday wear and tear. Even with a constant stream of visitors, kids and pets they are your best bet when it comes to choosing a hard-wearing material. For extra protection, use carpet runners in high traffic areas and invest in furniture pads for table legs and chairs.

Keep Up with Repair

In the rare case when damage may occur, one of hardwood’s greatest attributes is its ability to be repaired. Whether it is a single board or an entire room, genuine hardwood can always be sanded, re-stained and sealed back to its original shine. Wood filler can be used to shore up nicks and gashes, while oils and gentle polishing compounds can be used on scratches. For deeper issues, individual slats can be removed and replaced with little effort.

Protect High-Traffic Areas

Even though wood is prized for its durability, it’s a good idea to protect high-traffic areas with rug runners and mats. Hallways, entry areas, and doors to the outside should all be protected with a high-weave mat that traps dirt and grit at the start. To further protect floors, add felt or rubber bumpers to chairs, stool and table legs. Not only do they add stability but will increase the longevity and good looks of your floors for years to come.

Keep Consistent Temperature

Seasonal change can bring a whole host of weather-related issues. From cold, brisk nights to desert dry days, your floors feel the change in humidity as much as you do. Even the best floors swell and contract based on the amount of water in the air. Help them out by adding a humidifier into your home. The extra moisture in will keep your floor looking great and keep damage at bay.


With so many different types of wood products on the market, there is literally an option for everyone. From exotic hardwoods to domestic beauties, the price of both traditional and engineered products is wide ranging. So the next time you’re looking to upgrade your home, don’t be afraid to invest in wood floors.