Gardeners rejoice, spring has come early to Baltimore. While there are few things more enjoyable than strolling through the cherry trees and looking for signs of Maryland daffodils, these days you might be choosing to enjoy nature’s beauty from a safe social distance. Luckily there are plenty of ways to nurture your green thumb right at home. Check our favorite tips to get your indoor garden started and bring spring into your space today.

Observe and Report

Get a feel for the rhythm of your home by observing your space at different times of the day. Note which windows get the most light and at what time. See how various areas hold heat and where drafty vents might affect your plants. Sometimes this may take a bit of trial and error before you find that sweet spot. Don’t be afraid to rearrange and reposition your plants until you find the best place for them to thrive. Watch for crunchy leaves, yellowing foliage or extra-long stems which can all be signs of distress.

Be Waterwise

Like their outdoor counterparts, houseplants have a variety of different needs. From light to moisture, humidity and soil each variety requires certain conditions to survive. Keep this in mind when selecting a plant and find one that fits your personality. Are you prone to overwater? Choose something tropical that thrives with damp roots and high moisture. Do you tend to forget your plants? Aim for a desert species that will love dry spells and periods of neglect. Set yourself up to succeed and stay away from plants that clash with your personality.

Get Creative with Containers

When you grow indoors, there are any number of options for unique growing vessels. Recycled glassware and ceramics are obvious choices, but what about hanging pots? Macramé is having a moment as are wall mounts and indoor terrariums. Start a kitchen herb garden with repurposed jam jars or showcase heirloom flowers in vintage crockery. While your plant might come with a decorative container, don’t be afraid to change it out for something that suits your style and taste.

Go Vertical

Short on counter space? Use this as an opportunity to go up the walls, literally. Rather than relegating your potted plant to a corner, where it likely won’t receive its needed dose of light, consider unique solutions like multi-tiered planters, stackable pots or wall mounted pockets.  Trailing vines will always look for something to climb, so place them near a bookshelf or textured wall. While we usually only consider floor space or cabinets as viable options for plants, think outside the box and turn to nature for inspiration.

Propagation Station

Now that you have your environment dialed-in, it’s time to grow your collection. Instead of going back to the nursery for more, set up your own in-home propagation station. Many houseplants can be grown from a few inches of stem and some even from a single leaf. Spring and summer are ideal times for taking cuttings, but in a temperature controlled environment almost any part of the year will be fine. Take a pair of clean shears and snip a piece of your specimen. Place the cut end in water and wait for roots to form. Quick growing houseplants like Pothos, Philodendrons, Monsteras, and ZZ plants need only water to propagate which makes them great for beginners.


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