From corned beef and cabbage to leprechauns and shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day is an annual opportunity to celebrate everything Irish. But while emerald beer is a great novelty, this year, take the opportunity to do something a little greener for yourself and the planet. Check out our list for some great eco-friendly options to celebrate sustainably.

Eat Your Greens

Meat might be the star of the show when it comes to authentic Irish fare but stretch your creativity for more earth friendly recipes. Try leek and potato soup, hearty mushroom stew or traditional Colcannon, a mashed potato dish made with butter and kale. Even omnivores can benefit from incorporating plant-based meals into their diet. Consuming less meat and dairy means a smaller carbon footprint for your home and fewer greenhouse gases for the planet. So this year, start your day with something fresh from the garden.

Renovate Responsibly

When it comes to updating your home, the luck of the Irish is on your side. Sustainable options abound in everything from energy saving appliances, long lasting LED lights and earth friendly materials. Next Day Floors offers a plethora of eco-conscious flooring options including cork and bamboo, which are affordable, renewable and resilient to everyday wear. Think long-term when it comes to renovation, because investing in a quality product now reduces the need for replacements later.

Ditch the Chemicals to Get Clean

Say goodbye to artificial fragrances and harsh, corrosive chemicals. Natural cleaning products have evolved to be more effective than ever. Look for brands that use renewable packaging and natural scents like citrus, pine and seed oils. For items that go into the water supply, check that they’re safe for aquatic life and are animal friendly. Refillable bottles are a plus as are biodegradable ingredients. Next time you’re in the market to stock up your supply go clean and green with eco-friendly cleansers.

Connect to Nature

For a truly green experience go outside and get back to basics. Dust off your garden gloves and plan your spring harvest. Plant a tree, join a community plot and connect with mother earth. For those who want to get active, embody your inner explorer and put on your hiking boots to hit the trail. Head down to the lake or seashore for some fun on the water or explore the wild Irish hills. Get out, get going and appreciate earth’s natural beauty.

Green Your Transportation

Bike, skate and scooter your way to a greener, healthier spring. Whether you’re heading downtown to the St. Paddy’s day parade or over to a friend’s place for family and fun, see how green you can get your ride. Carpool, rideshare or take advantage of public transportation whenever possible.

Give Back

Finally, there’s no better way to green your holiday than by giving back. Find out what your community has to offer and get started today. From park and beach clean ups to food drives and community gardens, there are many options from which to choose. Find one that speaks to you and see how green you can go. Connect with a local organization in your community to get started today. Think outside the box when it comes to green activities and make your St. Patrick’s Day one to remember.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to make some sustainable decisions this spring. Tell us how you’re going green this spring.