After a Maryland spring filled with rain, rain and more rain it’s no surprise people are ready for warm weather, the beach, pool parties, visits to waterfront parks and more. Unfortunately, these fun activities can also serve as ingredients in a recipe for disaster for your floors.

Not to fear! Keep your floors in tip-top shape this summer by following our tip list.

Sticks and Stones Can Hurt Your Floors

Who doesn’t love to kick off their shoes in the summer? Whether you’re dangling your toes in the pool or walking along the sandy waterfront at the local park, it feels so refreshing and free. Unfortunately bare feet can pick up an array of debris, from sand and grass to small pebbles and sticks, that can be highly abrasive to floors. Activities such as gardening and sports can also track in unwanted dirt.

So how can you protect your floors?

The easiest way is to place mats with non-slip pads by entryways. Choose rugs with a pop of color to help add a summer feel to your home. Be cautious in using certain rubber or foam-backed rugs, as they may lead to discoloration on your floor. When you do clean your floors, vacuum (do not use the beater bar) or sweep – avoid using wet mops or oil-based cleaners.

Hardwood Floors and Water Don’t Mix

We all know about the skin damage the sun’s rays can cause, so we lather ourselves and the kids with sunscreen, lotion and tanning oil. Unfortunately those products coupled with dripping wet swimsuits and hair can lead to slick conditions on any type of flooring. To help prevent slips and falls, advise children, their friends and guests to thoroughly dry off before entering the house. Also use walk-off mats just outside the entrance to your home to help catch water and debris.

Between thirsty pets sloshing water, stray melting ice cubes and condensation, water has a way of showing up on hardwood floors during the summer. Be sure to wipe up spills ASAP with a soft cloth or towel and use a towel or protective mat under your pet’s water bowl. Water left sitting can warp or otherwise damage floors.

Shade is Your Friend

In case you missed our Put Hardwood Floors Where the Sun Don’t Shine blog post, we’ll remind you that hardwood floors and bright sunlight don’t mix. We know it’s tempting to let all that sunlight pour in, but when it comes to rooms with hardwood floors, less is best! Be sure to close blinds and even close the slats facing upward so the sunlight is redirected to the ceiling and walls instead of the floor.

Keep Humidity Under Control

With summer, comes humidity. Floor manufacturers recommend keeping humidity levels at 35-55%. To help control levels, be sure to use a humidifier in your home as well as air conditioning during summer months.