Family gatherings and holiday festivities are enjoyable, but it’s no excuse to let your home be unprepared to face the season. So this year, take the opportunity protect your floors with these easy steps.

Doormats at Entryways

Mud, rocks and other loose particles are the number one reason behind scratches – so stop dirt in its tracks by trapping debris at the front door.  It can be particularly bothersome in areas where salt is used on the roads and sidewalks. Add doormats both inside and out and a boot tray to catch dirt and grime. Avoid rubber-backed mats inside the home, since water can become trapped beneath and cause mildew and buckling, and look for something easily washed and breathable.

Area Rugs

For high-traffic areas turn to rugs to protect flooring and other hard surfaces. Runners, area rugs and other soft coverings can save hallways and entry areas from scratches and dings. Turn to larger, high quality rugs under lounge and dining areas to catch spills and small washable rugs in the kitchen and bath to absorb water and prevent slips. Don’t forget the rug pads! Proper padding can add years to the life of your rugs and give your wood floors an extra barrier.


If you are willing to enforce it, a no-shoes policy is key to saving your floors. High heels, heavy boots and sneakers with deep treads can bring in dirt and rocks, which can all lead to scratching. Ask guests to bring their house slippers or have a basket of cozy socks or indoor shoes by the door. Not only will a shoeless home stay cleaner, it adds to the ambiance of casual comfort.

Have A Spill Kit Ready

When the wine starts flowing and holiday cheer in full effect; it’s no surprise that spills are going to happen. When they do, be ready with a well-stocked spill kit. Soak up liquids as soon as they hit the ground to avoid damage or slipping hazards. Get a dry cloth or microfiber rag and prep your bottle of floor cleaning solution. Keep it under the sink or in another easy to reach place so you know exactly where it is when you need to spring into action.

Prep Your Furniture

When people gather, it is assumed that couches will be rearranged, chairs will be pulled out from the dining room tables, and your floors will be at risk of getting scratched in the process. Before your guests arrive, make sure furniture legs are affixed with felt bumpers and your rug pads are in place. Proper prep can help reduce the chances of dirt and added pressure from scratching the floors and give you peace of mind when things start moving.

Maintenance is Key

No matter what type of floor you have, hardwood, laminate, tile or carpet, a little maintenance can go a long way. Before a holiday gathering, make sure to sweep, mop and vacuum your space. When guests depart, pay attention and watch for any fresh stains or spills. For serious messes, call the professionals to help and avoid long-term damage. Keep laminate dry and use natural oils and cleaner to keep hardwood from warping during the colder months.