Have you ever experienced that warm feeling after being hugged by someone you love dearly?  That my friend, is hygge.  Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah) is a Danish concept that encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things of life.  How can you transfer this concept into your home for the winter months?  Keep reading to find out some simple ways to embrace hygge this season.

Simplicity is Key

One of the first rules for hygge decor is to keep things very simple.  After all, hygge is all about creating a space that is grounding, calm, and peaceful.  If you tend to have clutter sitting around your home, this is the perfect excuse to organize and sort through what is no longer needed.  Keep the hues of your space free of loud color schemes and stick with a monochromatic tone.  Creams, grays, and blues will all establish a calming energy for you to fully relax while warmer tones like pastel pinks, warm taupe and coco can provide a more energetic sense of calm.

Place your focus on lighting

Whether you utilize candles or lamps, the lighting in your space will play a big role in setting the tone.  Lighting is one factor than can truly affect the ambience of your room, therefore a home full of hygge should focus on it. Aim for warm, subtle lighting that isn’t harsh or cold. The glow from a lit candle is unmatched to that of artificial lighting – plus, the soft orange glow that is emitted from a candle pairs beautifully with the gray skies and cold days of the winter season.

Embrace all things comfortable

Create the ultimate cozy spot!  This could be your bedroom, a reading corner, or perhaps even a breakfast nook.  To begin, brainstorm which area you enjoy spending the most time in during the winter months.  Ask yourself, on your most stressful days, do you long to return back to a sea of fluffy bedding and a soft mattress?  Or maybe you’d enjoy a hot cup of tea and a good book while curled up by the fireplace?  Or perhaps an inviting corner to enjoy your ultimate comfort food?  Whatever you choose, let it be the epitome of relaxation.

Light a Fire

Although we’ve already mentioned the importance of lighting, a fireplace brings a whole new level of hygge flair to your house. The radiating heat and soft flickering light and can transform your house into a terrific gathering spot for friends and socializing.  In addition, the sound of crackling from the fireplace and the mesmerizing flame has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure. All aspects of a calming hygge experience.

Introduce Texture

Banishing your room of clutter and upgrading to a monochromatic color scheme will begin to transform your home into feeling more hygge.  But to take it one step further, it’s important to bring in tactile sensations.  Remember, to truly feel hygge, your house needs to be more than just visually attractive, it needs to embody the feeling of comfort. Great choices to add would be deep pile rugs, chunky knit blankets, and natural elements like wood, leather, or wool.

Create a zen bath

Bathrooms are another great place to unwind after a long and stressful day.   Banish the quick morning shower and embrace a spa like bath.  By turning your bathroom into a quiet, pleasant, and stress-free environment you can enjoy hygge in all areas in your home.  Like other rooms, your bathroom should be free of clutter.  Utilize storage bins and cabinets to gracefully hide extra bath towels and linens.  Wooden benches and wall ladders are excellent choices to store your bathrobe, towels, or plants.  Dim the lights, light a candle, and pop on relaxing ambient tunes and you are on your way to bathroom hygge-ville.

Although the winter months can sometimes seem drab and dreary, we hope you embrace this concept of hygge and bring ultimate comfort into your home this season.  Break out the blankets and stoke the fire since once you experience hygge you will never want to live any other way.