It’s a new year. You’re ready to freshen up your health, your home and your outlook on life as you cruise into 2016. When it comes to updating your home, especially flooring, you want to put your best foot forward, combining style and logistics.

At the start of any new year, many customers visit our Maryland flooring stores asking about the latest trends in flooring. They want to know about popular colors, textures and materials as they prepare to give rooms in their home a facelift. To tantalize your decorating taste buds, we’re going to share some of the latest in flooring trends for 2016. The best part – once you see a look you like, any of our flooring experts can help you achieve your desired new look!

Luxury Vinyl

We know you’re probably wondering, “Seriously, Vinyl?” The answer is “Yes!” The vinyl of 2016 has a sophisticated style and a performance level that will make you say “Wow!”

Luxury Vinyl can have the look of stone, wood, slate, marble or tile. It’s warmer and softer than actual ceramic tile and it’s more durable and cost friendly. So as you contemplate the new look for your room, be sure to check out luxury vinyl for a high-end look, great performance and durability at an affordable cost.


If you’re looking for something unique and timeless in the new year, look no further than cork. This lightweight material is soft underfoot, yet extremely durable. Did you know that the cork flooring in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., was installed more than 100 years ago?

The insulated, cushioned surface of cork is great for people who may have knee or back problems. Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options. Predominantly harvested in Portugal, the cork is cut from inside the bark every nine to 12 years as the bark regenerates. Cork offers versatility – it can be stained in a variety of colors – and is very easy to maintain.


If you have a family and pets, you might think luxury carpet is out of the question. Not so fast! Mohawk has developed an awesome stain-resistant line of carpeting, SmartStrand Forever Clean, that is the answer to your carpeting prayers. It’s tagline is, “the toughest, easiest-to-clean carpet on the planet,” and it’s so true! We even put it to the test!

Are you out of the loop when it comes to carpet and what you should buy? Not to worry, we’ll catch you up to speed on one of the carpeting trends of 2016, cut-and-loop pile. The yarn that makes up the carpet is described as pile. Pile is sheared for “cut pile” or left intact for “loop pile.” When you combine the two, you get “cut-and-loop pile.” What’s attractive about this style of carpet is you can create an abstract or geometric design in the carpet. This style of carpet is best suited for bedrooms or dens.

Interested in learning more about the latest trends? Give us a call today at 1-800-916-6112 to chat with one of our flooring experts, or swing on by one of our showrooms.