Spring is a great time to reassess and freshen up your space. It is a natural time of renewal and rejuvenation and a great excuse to update or renovate your home. But these changes don’t always have to be huge. Start small and check out these three easy steps to transitioning your home for the new season.

Clean Clean Clean

There is no easier way to make your home feel new again than by giving it a good scrub. Start from the top down and begin by vacuuming and dusting your space. Use a damp rag and cleaning solution to remove fingerprints, grease and stuck on grime. Shine up windows, glassware and mirrors and clean out appliances like ovens, washers and dryers. Clear out the fridge and remove anything expired or outdated. Wipe down shelving and throw away old or damaged canned and dry goods from the pantry. Finally go through closets and other storage areas and de-clutter. This is a great opportunity to donate unused clothes and other home goods in good condition.

Refresh with Plants and Flowers

Adding potted plants and fresh flowers to your home is a great way to bring the essence of spring indoors. Live plants, even cut arrangements, do wonders to freshen the air and raise spirits. Small potted specimens make great centerpieces and can bring attention to areas of the room that might need a punch of good energy, like study areas or home offices. Place plants on shelves, hang them from the ceiling or make a statement with a dwarf version of a larger tree – like miniature orange or olive. Mixing plant sizes can make things feel more casual, while matched pairs on the mantle piece can read as more formal. Any room can benefit, from a climbing Pothos in the bath to a functional herb garden in the kitchen window. Not only do plants look beautiful, but also they improve air quality and reduce carbon dioxide levels in the home.

Update Artwork and Embrace Seasonal Décor

No different than the winter holidays, when pine wreaths and twinkle lights make their appearance, changing out artwork or other small items can be a great way to celebrate the season. Evoke a sense of spring with floral prints – for sheets, towels and other linens – color textiles or glassware or table runners. Choose seasonal flowers like crocus, daffodils, tulips, primrose or pansies for arrangements and break out the festive dishware.

Decorating your home for the spring can be a relaxing and fun task to welcome the warmer weather and fresh start. Use your creativity and before you know it, your home will be ready for the spring season.