Break away from the norm and experience the art of mixing interior design styles.

Instead of an overly matched look for your space, combine the best of your favorite features to create something new. Mixing might take a little practice to get just right, but when done in a mindful manner the results can be stunning.

Find out how to combine looks for a bold, classic, and trendy style.

Establish A Base

A good look need a solid base to stand on, so when starting to decorate begin at the bottom. Wood floors make a great palette to anchor your room. Choose something dark with wide planks for drama or go cool with a bleached white oak or ash in narrow boards. Hand scraped always adds a bit of texture, or bring interest with prominent grain and contrasting boards.

Add Layers

Once your base is established start to build up. Consider the purpose of your room. Is it a place for work, where calm and concentration need to be the focus? Or is it a room for play, where movie nights, cocktail hours and board games need plenty of seating, tables, and good lighting? Start with the furniture where formality, rather than look or style rules the roost. Overstuffed sofas paired with chic throws and boho rattan loungers. Or mid-century office furniture paired with super sleek lighting and modern street art.

Mind The Details

When it comes to mixing style, the little things really do matter. Take note of the details in texture, color or pattern and use them to your advantage. Textural combinations like wood grain, wicker, velvet, fabric, and iron can all work in harmony. Use that to your advantage when trying to tie together the room. Use fluffy throws to soften a sleek couch. Look to plants and baskets for adding interest to a utilitarian or sparse storage area. Reclaimed metal signage, shelving, or furniture will look right at home when combined with other elements that match the overall feel of the space.

Curb Your Palette

A monochromatic palette can make a world of difference when it comes to mixing wildly different styles. From super modern, to country chic choosing furniture or décor in a limited color scheme can be enough to unite a room together. Think of a gallery wall with only black and white photos shared in multi styled frames, a grouping of side tables and chairs in the same color but differing styles. Keep the color the same but change the tone to keep things controlled but interesting.

Watch The Scale

Size can play a big part in making a room successful. Always consider not only the purpose of the space but the size as well. For spaces with tall ceilings go grand and choose pieces that fill the room. Think large scale lighting, tall mirrors, oversized art, and spacious seating. The same goes for small spaces. Minimize and be mindful of how your furniture fits as well as how easily you can use it. Look for sleep and modern pieces that serve multiple uses. Like a mirror that doubles as a clothing rack, wall mounted nightstands or fold away desks and chairs. Not matter if your home is large or small, scale helps keep everything in check.


When it comes to numbers, utilize the 80/20 scale for an easy reminder on how to mix style. 80% of the room should follow one look, while 20% can be pulled from another source. This will ensure the aesthetic remains balanced but interesting. It’s a good way to stay away from anything that feels to done or theatrical. Balance is everything.

Mixing Interior Design Styles

When it come to mixing style there is only one look that really matters – yours! In your home find what speaks to you and build off that. Look for repeating colors, patterns, textures and see where that fits into your color palette. Consider scale, size and details and you are on your way to a well curated space.