Columbia, MD residents Amanda and Dennis Kilgore have an extra spring in their step this season. That’s because Amanda is the winner of our first-ever Spring Flooring Contest!

Our contest ran March 1-31 and with 3,169 entries from residents across Maryland, it was a great success! We chose a random winner to receive $2,500 toward the flooring of their choice.

“This is great timing,” Amanda said during a recent visit to our Columbia, MD Next Day Floors showroom to discuss the contest. She and her husband, who have been married for just over a year, recently purchased a town home in Columbia and are eager to make some needed updates.


“The story of our house is beige and brass,” quipped Dennis, when asked to describe their three-bedroom home located in a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. “I would say it needs moderate cosmetic updates.”

Amanda, a 25-year-old teacher, and Dennis, a 27-year-old software developer, are originally from Florida, but were drawn to Maryland’s economy and work opportunities. They have lived in Columbia with their two feline companions, Barnacle, 6, and the somewhat-shy, Spectre, 4, for the past four years.

While Dennis is a self-proclaimed nerd interested in PC gaming and comic books, Amanda admits to being a bit clumsy – a factor that will come into play as the couple decides on which flooring to select for their home.

“The three things we’re interested in talking about is the cost of the flooring, what it’s going to look like depending on what we choose, and how I’m going to destroy it,” joked Amanda. “We were in the house only one day and I spilled Diet Coke all over the couch.”

Fortunately for the couple, they were in good hands as they consulted with Next Day Floors District Manager Paul Allen, who has more than 30 years of experience in the flooring industry.

“I don’t know anything about floors,” said Amanda. “ I have watched some Youtube videos since winning this contest since I know eventually we’ll have to make a decision.”

Currently, Amanda is leaning toward hardwood flooring and Dennis has his sights set on laminate. The cats remain undecided – but hope the flooring will be resistant to water bowl spills and kitty claws. The couple’s first priority is the whole first floor of their home, which currently features the original builder’s-grade tile.

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