It is no surprise that designers are relying on sensible solutions to make home decor more pet friendly. Using durable fabrics, stain resistant furniture and long-lasting materials, watch as we pair substance with pet friendly interior design essentials to make your home a welcome retreat for humans and furry four-legged friends alike.

Carpet Cozy

If you’re a pet lover with your heart set on carpet, don’t assume that this cozy option is completely out of reach. Choosing the best carpet for pets can be tricky, but we are here to help.

Rather than voluminous, plush variations, choose a style made for high-traffic areas. A dense weave keeps dirt from sinking into the fibers and picking a cut-pile style, rather than continuous loop, will ensure your carpets stay free of snags and pulls.

For rugs, select something washable that can be picked up or replaced when permanent stains occur.

Accidents do happen, so anything heirloom or irreplaceable should be kept on display in a pet-free zone.

The Wonder of Wood

While critics may argue that natural wood floors and pets don’t mix, we disagree.

Bare wood floors are easy to care for and simple to clean. A quick vacuum and damp mop are all they really require.

Choosing a dense variety, like bamboo, Brazilian hardwood, Ipe, or maple will ensure your floors stand the best chance of resisting sharp canine toenails and bouncing toys.

Laminate and engineered hardwoods are also great choices for pet-centric homes. They are incredibly durable, easily refinished and cost-effective to replace if they sustain any irreparable damage.

Clutter Beware

Keep knick-knacks to a minimum when living in a home with pets. Not only do animals like to chew and explore, but happy tail wags and curious cats have been known to wreak havoc on coffee tables.

Breakable items, photo frames and other decor should be stored out of reach as well as secured with museum wax.

Put away clean laundry, spare towels and other soft items when not in use.

For safety’s sake, go wireless and secure loose cords whenever possible. Put away shoes, toys and kids’ items and anything else that may end up in your pet’s mouth.

Create a Landing Zone

Make your pet feel at home by giving them a designated space to call their own. A cozy bed or special throw tucked away in an unobtrusive area means they can feel safe while still being part of the household.

Functioning much like a mudroom, this special spot keeps pet items in one spot and can be used to store toys, treats and other accessories.

Keep in mind that this space doesn’t have to be large, pets often prefer areas that are more den-like and close. Almost any space in your home will do, from the laundry room, spare bedroom or even a walk-in closet. Dogs and cats spend almost half the day sleeping, so comfort is what really counts.

Pet Friendly Interior Design

So, whether you’re the proud owner of a new puppy or the parents of a lovable senior, there is no reason your space can’t look its best while catering to your furry companion.