From feelings of comfort and safety, to excitement, hunger and calm – colors emphasize mood and tone exponentially. That’s why designers rely on them so heavily when setting the stage of a new room. Find out how your seasonal personality translates to the perfect palette with our helpful guide.

Winter Warm

Cooler and more reserved, Winter folks can be seen as minimalists. They’re strong, calm, self-assured and confident. They prize simplicity, clean-lines and precision.

Reliability and quality are two things they value, as well as perseverance. They’re drawn to monochromatic palettes, metallic tones and neutrals – which can come off as conservative – but once you get past their frosty exterior, winter personalities can be surprisingly warm.

Spring Forward

Bubbly, bright and full of life, Spring personalities adore the whimsical side of life. They are light on their feet, impulsive, effervescent and full of charm.

Drawn to soft colors, pinks, blues and minty greens, Spring personalities appreciate tradition but thrive on new, exciting energy. Lovers of Spring will appreciate bright and cheery white oak or a minty-hued maple veneer, visions of new growth and prosperity with abound with these choices.

Summer Solace

As laid back as the days are long, summer personalities are slower, gentle and diplomatic. They are far calmer than spring and value comfort, quiet and lazy solitude. Efficiency, neatness and practicality are all important values to them as is a good sense of humor.

Don’t let their seriousness paint the wrong picture, summer personalities also have great imaginations and creative talent. They are drawn to the more grown up colors of spring, like mauve, sage, cerulean and raspberry.

Autumn Aware

People who fall under an Autumn personality tend to be highly grounded individuals. They are practical, eco-conscious, aware of environmental impact, and strong willed. They tend to be darker in personality, serious but willing to change as the seasons do.

They are drawn to warmer colors, like mustard, moss green, aubergine, terracotta or burnt orange. Rich, comforting colors like chestnut-hued engineered hardwood promise to bring warmth and character into your home.

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