All in all, I recommend them at the Columbia location highly.

(Angie’s List)

Don Zeller, the salesman at the Columbia store location, was very helpful and responsive. He gave us a lot of carpet options and let us spend as much time and ask as many questions as we needed to make our choices. We purchased carpet for a large part of the main and upper floors of our house plus a small area of vinyl flooring, which was treated as a separate install on a different day. Don told us that a large job, especially for a carpet that was not stored in their warehouse, may take a few weeks. We were not in a hurry so that was okay. Reviewers should keep in mind that they can’t have everything in stock so should monitor their expectations accordingly. Everything was great, although we were a little nervous when we knew that it would take all day to do the carpeting and we had not heard from the installers as early in the morning as we expected. But they did call after 9:00 AM, and they did come prepared to do the carpeting job. The team of three moved furniture that we could never have moved (some big stuff!) and they worked diligently, answering questions and asking questions as they came up. They ripped up and hauled away the old carpeting and padding and vacuumed the subfloor before installing the new pad and carpet. I was expecting to have to run out and vacuum before they put in the new padding so that was a real plus. They cleaned up after themselves well. It has been several weeks since then and the carpet looks and feels great. A week after the carpet installation, we had the company replace the vinyl flooring in our main level laundry room (a lot of the main level is hardwood). There was a team of three for this relatively small job. They moved out the washer and dryer (made it look easy!) and got right to work. They temporarily removed the baseboard molding and then removed the old existing vinyl floor and adhesive layer below. There was more dust than I expected from cutting the underlayer and the vinyl, although not that much, and they did a wonderful job cleaning up after the old floor and taking the time to lay the underlayer and cut the vinyl perfectly. And they were friendly, too. All in all, I recommend them at the Columbia location highly.