… by far, the best installers I have ever experienced.

During the week of July 14, 2014, I met with Mr. Steve Hill regarding the purchase and installation of carpet in my home. I was extremely pleased with the quality of carpet and the overall pricing. A few days after we placed the order for carpet, Mr. Hill called to say the carpet was “in” and he wanted to set up an installation date. Mr. Hill was aware that hardwood flooring, purchased from Home Depot, was being installed in the dining room. The materials from Home Depot had been delayed and the installation also was delayed. Mr. Hill graciously worked with me regarding a later installation date. Upon completion of the hardwood flooring installation, I contacted Mr. Hill to set up the carpet installation. Steve was very accommodating and gave me an immediate installation date.

On July 23, 2014, Next Day Floors installation team (Rob & Dave) arrived at my home. These two installers (Rob & Dave) were efficient, courteous and very professional. They were both experts at their job which showed in the quality installation.

I have experienced carpet installation on at least 5 other instances in my home. I would definitely say that the installers from Next Day Floors were, by far, the best installers that I have ever experienced. In my opinion, the combination of quality carpet, extraordinary value and expert installers Next Day Floors exemplifies a professional competitive organization that I will recommend to family and friends.