Exceptional work, service, product and overall experience.

My husband and I walked Into your Parkville based Next Day Floors store one Sunday afternoon a few months ago. We had the great pleasure and gift to meet Tricia, who immediately learned more about our flooring needs and desires. What I thought would turn into a brief experience for carpet selection then turned into a comprehensive design experience in which Tricia personalized her service, contributed her interior design expertise, personally visited our home on several occasions and carpeted our entire home. Our partnership with Tricia was exceptional, those who replaced and placed carpet were stellar and our entire experience proved to literally change the way we spend our time in our home. We simply love every space as Tricia customized and coordinated every room and space. Such talent! We extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude to Tricia and team. Exceptional work, service, product and overall experience.

Thank you for acknowledging her and her carpet team’s great work. It was spectacular. Just a pleasure in every way.