Extremely professional and helpful

Last week my husband and I went to the Merritt Blvd. store to order living room carpet. We were
greeted by a young man named Chris. Chris was tending the store by himself at the time, but he
managed to give us his undivided attention, being extremely professional and helpful. When
another customer entered the store he divided his time between us without making either patron
feel neglected. He also went above and beyond with his patience and gracious attitude when
I ordered a certain product; he came to our home the next day to measure…I had asked him to
bring some samples “just in case I want to change my mind”. Change my mind I did……to the
tune of two or three times. He just politely accepted my ambiguity and said he understood. I
finally made up my mind and he wrote up the order. I would just like to commend Chris for his
extreme professionalism and work ethic. I recommended this store to my sister, who
also ordered her living room carpet and found Chris to also be very helpful to her and her husband.
There are many places to by flooring but employees such as Chris would be one good reason
for me to patronize the Dundalk Next Day Floors in the future and to recommend this particular
store to my friends.