From the first visit until the installation everything went great.

Yesterday my new carpets were put in my home. From the first visit to the store on West Street until the installation everything went great. I first met Brian LeFevour on my visit to the store and he was super great. He put up with a lot of my changing my mind, going from hardwood floors and then back to carpet (and back again and again). He put up with this for almost year and never once did he say anything about me not being able to decide what I wanted. He was so very patient. What an asset to your company. We need more people like him out in the business world. Hold tight to him. Yesterday, Oswaldo and Ned Esteban came to install the carpet. Without a doubt they did the most beautiful job of installing carpet that I have ever seen. They were polite and helpful with anything that we asked them. I would also say hold tight to them.