I LOVE the new floors!

Paula, the representative I dealt with was great. I had her come out to get a preliminary estimate so I could figure out financing, but then couldn’t make a decision about what I wanted. We ended up emailing quite a bit – I sent her pictures of what styles I liked, but most were well out of my price range. She had a recommendation for CoreTec brand, which I hadn’t heard of before, so I did some research but pictures of samples online didn’t look that great. However, she came out again with the floors I had narrowed down, and the Coretec also. After seeing them in person, I thought her recommendation was spot on. I ended up with a completely different style than I anticipated after looking at the samples in my rooms – they are gorgeous! Many places only carry 1 or 2 types of vinyl, so the selection is limited. However, she came out with several within (and under or over) my price range, and also looked into other brands that they did not normally carry. She also worked with me regarding the fact that my house has asbestos tile, which can simply be overlain with vinyl, provided that the tiles are not broken. We agreed if the asbestos was too damaged and dusty and posed a hazard, we would delay installation by one or two days, and wrote it into the contract once I found a place that would be able to remove the tiles within 24 hours AND within budget. One flooring company insisted I pay the thousands of dollars to have all asbestos removed first, even though it seemed unlikely that the tiles were broken or cracked. I got Coretec vinyl floors for my living and dining rooms. The color I wanted had to be ordered, so it wasn’t “next day,” which was good for me because I wanted to paint before the new floors were installed, as well as budget for it properly. Their price was initially higher than I could afford (and in line with the other places for comparable products), but when I said I couldn’t handle that price, she reduced it to exactly my limit, saving me $1500. Even when haggling with the other companies, no one else would do that (except on products I KNEW were not high-end and were way overpriced to begin with). Apparently the Coretec brand is really wanting to get out there and so it was a bit more flexible in price than other brands. When the floors arrived in stock, the installers came at around 7am and finished both rooms impeccably by 5pm. Our belief that the asbestos was in good shape turned out to be accurate, so we didn’t have to do the asbestos remediation. I LOVE the new floors! I am so glad that the stinky, fraying, old carpet is gone – this was the one home improvement project I was willing to spend serious money on ($5000 is A LOT for me!) and I am so glad I got exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Next Day Floors, Paula, and the Coretec brand that I got. ūüôā