The 2 Hottest Trends in Area Rugs – and How to Make Them Work for Your Décor

Whether you’re going for shaggy or sleek, area rugs can help add ambiance to any room while protecting your hard surface flooring from scratches and wear. These two current decorating trends focus on neutral-colored rugs as well as layered looks that blend textures, colors and styles.

Trend #1: The Layered Look

Consider layering two to three rugs to add creative flair to a room. Jute or sisal rugs make a great combo as do sheepskins and flatweaves. Consider placing a white sheepskin rug over a tan flatweave in your bedroom to create both a soft landing spot when you pop out of bed in the morning and a cozy, textured look. Many choose to layer a brightly patterned rug over a larger neutral base rug to help add a pop of color to a room. Always be sure your base rug is larger than the top rug when creating this look.

Trend #2: Neutral Tones

For those with an eye for the neutral palette, the choices are vast! Neutral rugs are available in a variety of textures, and help bring an overall balance and timeless appeal to a room. You can choose from tan earth tones to grays and silvers.

Whether you layer or go neutral, your area rug can be the perfect way to tie together the look and feel of your favorite room.

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