Choose The Best Carpet For Your Pet

Can pets and carpet exist in harmony? At Next Day Floors, we believe the answer is, “Fur-sure!” Just follow these five easy steps to make sure you’re choosing the very best option for your pet-friendly household.

  1. Select the right type of carpet. Make sure to avoid loop carpet, where pet nails have a tendency to catch and pull at the carpet, creating a zippering effect. Berber carpet is a good example of the kind of carpet you should avoid if you have a pet.
  2. Choose a brand of carpet that offers a stain-resistant line. Our carpets are protected from dirt and stains before they reach the carpet fiber.
  3. Select a moisture-proof cushion. The number one benefit of carpet cushion is that it helps prolong the life and performance of the carpet. And a moisture or waterproof backing can help absorb liquids from pet accidents to stop them from reaching the concrete or wood sub-floor.
  4. Choose a carpet color or pattern that can help hide dirt and pet hair. To lengthen the life of your carpet, vacuum frequently to remove trapped pet dander and particles.
  5. Place a pet bed on your pet’s favorite spot. If your furry friend has a particular patch of carpet on which they like to lay, it’s best to place a pet bed in this location so that oils from your pet’s fur are not absorbed into the carpet, creating a soiled area.

Have any additional questions about pet-friendly carpeting? Want to check out your options in person? Come visit us at one of Next Day Floor’s flooring stores or shop at home and we’ll bring samples to you.