A year spent living in quarantine has forced many homeowners to get creative with their space. Whether that means reorganizing the garage to store extra pantry goods or carving a remote office out of a hall closet, 2020 has been a year of creative solutions. But with restrictions slowly lifting and supply chains getting back up to speed, 2021 is the perfect time to start kitchen and bath renovations. We’ve put together the top five trends for this coming year, check them out below.

Metallics and Mixed Materials

While matched stainless steel appliances are always a classic look, designers are branching out into something bolder. Kitchen exhaust systems are becoming a focus of the space. They’re trading out traditional silver range hoods for built in plaster, wood or alternative metals like brass or copper. Statement fixtures are also seeing a rise in popularity. Look for bold finishes, like rose gold, blackened chrome and handmade, artisan tiles. Designers are embracing an organic look and ditching the picture perfect style of last year.

Open Shelving for Curated Collections

These days, designers are encouraging their clients to welcome a lived-in, comfortable look. This often means ditching the upper cabinets for open shelving and embracing a more casual style. But instead of displaying only kitchen goods, shelves have been stocked with art, curios and living plants. Think of it as a gallery wall for your kitchen. Lending a more bistro-like feel to a functional space.

Hidden Appliances, Contrasting Cabinets

From wood clad refrigerator doors to drawer style dishwashers, appliances are stepping back into the shadows this year. Cabinets are getting a bold makeover with bright colors, louder wood grains and vintage style faces. From statement making charcoal black to subtle grained ash, cabinets are the showpieces of the 2021 kitchen. For homes that have the extra space, secondary “working kitchens” are also coming back into style. Similar to a butler’s pantry, where wine fridges and extra sinks can often be found, this additional kitchen space can be used for prep like washing produce, stashing pantry items and getting messy – keeping the main kitchen clean and ready to receive guests.

The Return of the Pantry

Just like the secondary kitchen, pantries are also coming back into style. With on-display open shelving and minimal cabinets, pantries have gone from “nice to have” to kitchen essentials. Perfect for storing extra food and cooking appliances, a well-organized pantry is convenient and practical. Not only is a thoughtfully outfitted pantry functional but it also serves as design feature. Using smart solutions for organization, storage, and labels it can be customized for the passionate home cook, wine lover or family command center.

Kitchen Islands

For 2021, we’re seeing double. Designers are leaning hard into the traditional kitchen island and when there is room, adding another. Two islands mean more room for entertaining, prep area and seating. For look and style, a contrasting color or cladding material has seen a large rise in popularity. Blue and grey being the most prominent choices with wood and stone still going strong. Thinking outside the box, designers have also chosen to create movable islands on locking casters, allowing the space to be configured as needed. With additional drawers and cabinets creating more storage and additional flexibility.