Step out of the box on your next big project and level up on your bath design. Check out these top bathroom renovation ideas for 2021 and see the new takes on modern traditions.

Over the past year our homes have become more than just a place of refuge. They’ve provided a calm, safe space to get away, a place to work, a spot to reconnect with family and an escape from the pressure of the outside world. Our homes are a place of peace and renewal and nowhere is this more true than in the bath. These days, designers are turning to the spa for inspiration. From relaxing colors, handmade tiles and vintage touches, these modern bath trends will set your space apart and make it the cozy, rejuvenating escape we all deserve for 2021.

Bathroom Lighting

Statement Lighting

Steer away from sconces and make a statement with big, bold lighting choices. Look for crystal, metallics, bright colors or large stature to make an impact. Chandeliers can be unexpected and exciting when placed in unusual locations, like the bath.

Color and Texture

Forgo the all-white spa escape for something a little more saturated. Monochromatic cream, rose, seafoam and mint have all made a comeback as have jewel tones and darker, more muted colors. Exchange perfection for character and look for Moroccan tile with imperfect edges and a handmade feel. Wall coverings can be textured rattan, sea grass or woven cotton. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and break away from the ordinary.

Bathroom Plants

Green and Growing

Nature is back in a big way with botanical inspired prints, wallpaper, color and style. Look to deep greens like hunter and forest as well as emerald and tidewater with crisp white linens. In a more neutral bathroom, add living plants like Pothos, fern and other moisture loving species. Purify the air and your psyche with the power of plants.

Floating Sinks

Showcase your floors and make a statement with a floating sink. With wall mounted hardware and cabinetry, your bath will not only feel bigger but is actually a great way to maximize space. Exposed plumbing is also an opportunity to feature unique pipes or finishes that would otherwise remain hidden.

Freestanding Tubs

Like floating sinks, tubs are another feature that can be pulled out to stand on their own. Designers are truly embracing the spa-like aesthetic with unique shapes and mounting hardware installing round, oval and uniquely curved models in iron, copper and porcelain finishes.  The clean lines of a beautiful tub can truly be the centerpiece your bathroom deserves.

Living Metals

Exchange picture perfect finishes for something a little more lived in. Embrace patina for that well worn vintage feel. Look for copper, unfinished brass, bronze or pewter and all them to change and age over time. Combined with clean lines and modern design, a little bit of vintage strikes the perfect balance between old and new.

Upgraded Vanities

Make your vanity stand out and upgrade from a simple pedestal. Look to repurposed furniture, oversized sideboards and mid-mod style to make a statement in the bath. With fine carvings, bold colors or artfully distressed wood, vintage dressers and tables are a fun option when you’re looking to fill the space with something unique.

Unique Tile Installations

Finally, tile is our go-to for bathrooms but these days designers are doing more than just simple, high gloss colors. For a futuristic look, spring for encaustic or cement tile in wild patterns and shapes, invest in Moroccan zellige for a handmade look or explore different layouts and installations. Floor to ceiling tile will be big for this year, with ceramic and porcelain options being the frontrunners in style.