The last two years have been a whirlwind. With quarantine, a global pandemic, and the pressures of a 24-hour society, it is no surprise that designers and consumers have been turning inwards to look for inspiration and comfort. The old has become new again, with hobbies like breadmaking, needlework, painting and gardening once again coming into vogue. Design style is no different. Along with these old-fashioned pastimes, designers have been inspired by the past to popularize traditional interior design once again. Traditional interior design relies on the combination of traditional style with a twist. Giving old favorites a fresh look by pairing them in unlikely locations, or with bold colors or unusual textures. Find out how this new-old style, came back into play again.

What is Traditional Interior Design?

The cornerstone of traditional interior design relies on the blending of traditional furnishings with modern styles. In its latest rendition, traditional interior design takes the architectural style of royal and colonial elements and places them in present day homes. Architecturally speaking this means, raised porches, grand column, impressive brick or stonework, decorative shutters and intricate roofs, beams, and detailing. Victorian style lighting, like lampposts, chandeliers and lanterns help transport the modern back in time. Interior styling includes floral wallpaper, tactful gilding, and antique furniture that combines with clean lines and modern accents. Tech meets traditional, past to present, it is a celebration of the meeting between old and new. Traditional interior design combines elements to refresh traditional elements in a hip, futuristic way.

Why The Sudden Resurgence?

For the past decade, minimalism and modern design have dominated the interior design world. Traditional interior design is the next logical step to introduce something to break the mold of monochromatic and restrained. Right now, society is thriving on the idea of simpler times. With vintage 1980’s movie remakes, period dramas and the resurgence of early 1990’s and aughts fashion, nostalgia is playing a large part in creating a feeling of security and comfort. And after years of living in quarantine and seclusion, society wants to come out with a major statement. Taking traditional interior design and combining it with something new and fresh, breaks the mold but still maintains and sense of self. It’s fun and funky, but also safe.

Did Shows Like Bridgerton or The Gilded Age Play A Role In Its Popularity?

A visual confection, the costumes, décor, and fantasy escape provided by shows like Bridgerton and other period dramas spurred on the re-emergence of Neo Traditionalist style. Showcasing fantastical locations with extravagant décor, large art pieces, clothing, furniture, texture has inspired countess designers to reimagine this in their own spaces. Popularizing French Nouveau and English Regency style, these shows have brought back décor like vintage china, jewel tone tufting, elegant mirrors, and traditional oil paintings. The romance and escape of television has found its way into the homes and lives of our latest design aesthetics.

Are People More Nostalgic Post-Pandemic?

One word: escapism. Advancements in art and design are known to flourish in hard times since people cling to “the good old days”. What’s more romantic than turning your modern home into a space that exudes elegance and grandeur? Escaping into the design qualities of your home can give you a space to forget about the trials and tribulations of the real world. Your home should always be a place that feeds your soul and relaxes your mind from the stresses of day-to-day life. By embracing traditional interior design, you can blend the past and the present together, anchoring you into a safe and comforting space.