When Barbara L. was researching companies to install hardwood flooring in her living room a little over a year ago, she had never even heard of Next Day Floors. Today, she would give them a “10” in every category and has already recommended them to a friend.

Here’s her story

Barbara has lived in her Howard County home for 26 years and was ready to update and refresh her flooring. She was specifically interested in hardwood flooring for the living room and a hallway entranceway.

As she and a friend checked out area flooring stores, her friend did a quick Internet search and discovered Next Day Floors. Barbara had never heard of the Maryland flooring company, which has six showrooms across the state.

After a visit to Next Day Floors’ Woodlawn location, Barbara said there was “just something about Next Day Floors” that motivated her to talk to them more and have them come out and measure.

Having done her research, Barbara knew the ballpark price for installation of both hardwood and carpet. She also knew she wanted a company that would provide skilled workmanship and great customer service when it came to carefully moving her furniture and keeping her home as clean as possible throughout the duration of what she had heard could be a messy process.

Next Day Floors offered Barbara a very good price and, after a little tweaking, they had a deal. A Next Day Floors manager used the phrase “under promise and over deliver,” which really struck a chord with Barbara because of her customer service background.

While Barbara was dreading emptying out her china closet and other preparation for the new hardwood flooring she selected for her living room, she said, “it wasn’t as bad as I expected, and “I can tell you it was worth every trip up and down those steps.”

Adam’s Crew

Barbara was pleased to learn that Next Day Floors was going to send a crew that specifically installs hardwood floors to work on her living room. She learned she would be working with a young man named Adam, and his team.

“I tell ya, I could do an infomercial on those guys because Adam and his crew were just fabulous,” Barbara said. “They told me to prepare for a mess and three to four days of work. The first day was eight hours and the second day was four hours. They did a fabulous job of moving and getting things back in place and cleaning up what they could. They were just absolutely wonderful.”

In addition to hardwood flooring, Barbara also had carpeting installed in areas of her home such as the guest bedroom as well as her master bedroom and office. She selected a neutral color pattern throughout her home.

When it was all said and done

On a scale of 1 to 10, Barbara said she would rate her experience with Next Day Floors as a 10, and would recommend them to anyone.


She said for one, she received a quality product for a very fair price. Second, she was very happy with the customer service and attention to detail from employees.

“I can’t say enough good things about them – from the way they carefully moved furniture and didn’t bang the walls, to workmanship,” Barbara said. “Everybody who comes in here, my friends and family, just love what I picked out in terms of the flooring itself and my carpeting.”

Barbara’s feedback to the Next Day Floors manager was to tell him, “Everything you told me was reality, thank you so much and thank you for sending me that good crew.” Barbara knows her review sounds glowing, which is why she emphasizes, “I’m not just saying this; I don’t say stuff I don’t mean. I was just so pleased – I would certainly give them a 10 in every area.”