Window shades serve many purposes, but their main feature is to add privacy, elevate the appearance of the room, and to cover your windows. But did you know you can save time and money by installing shades?  Named one of the “greenest” options for window coverings, shades minimize your carbon footprint while placing money back into your pocket. With shades, there will be no need to dread the sweltering months of summer or the frigid temps in the winter.

What Are Window Shades?

Shades are a soft window treatment made up of materials that are placed on a continuous roll to create cover for your windows. They are typically drawn up or down by cords or a spring device which makes them very easy to use. They are designed to be slat and vane free, which gives a smooth appearance to your windows. You can also choose levels of opacity for the amount of light you’d like to enter into your space. Shades are also extremely popular because of the flexibility and availability of options and styles.

How Do They Help?

You might be asking, what makes them so Eco-friendly?  Shades are known to block harmful UV rays from entering through your windows. Because of this they create insulation from external weather as well as save your furniture and floors from bleaching and damage. Extra buffer from the outdoors means your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Data has shown that 30% of heating is lost through the windows in your home. By reducing the amount of heat that is lost, you can reduce energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint. In contrast, during the warmer months, shades are also shown to reduce 77% of heat that is gained through your windows. That huge savings will save you money and give your home a more consistent temperature.

So how do shades accomplish this? Shades such as the cellular variety have little pockets of air that form a honeycomb pattern. This shape then traps hot or cold air which makes them the perfect insulator.

Blocking your windows from harmful UV rays will also play a huge part in preserving your furniture, carpets, and rugs. By shielding the damaging rays from the inside of your home, you are saving your precious decor from fading and discoloration.

To get the best energy savings from your shades, it’s important to mention that you must raise and lower them at the correct time. Depending on your outlook, this can be a simple task or a bothersome chore. If you are the latter, there are smart and automatic shades on the market today that will raise and lower via a timer and schedule. This means no more times of forgetting to lift or lower the shades during the day!

Upgrading your window shades to a more viable option will save you money on energy bills, address any issues regarding privacy, and allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing the greener option, you can go from drab to fab while living a more sustainable life.