Whether you’re just moving in or updating the home that you already own, matching your flooring aesthetic to your personal style can be a challenge. To begin, we recommend getting clear on what type of look you are aiming for – are you a minimalize, maximalist or something else? Once you’ve discovered what that style is, start to explore flooring options that enhance those characteristics.  Most home styles have more than one flooring option throughout, and each choice plays together to complement each other. Check out our take on flooring trends for a few popular home styles.

The Minimalist Home

Simple, refined, and free of clutter, the minimalist home has grown in popularity over the years. Its high contrast tones of black and white, paired with bare walls and counters evoke a certain modern art gallery or museum feel.

Although sometimes thought of as timeless and classic, hardwood flooring can be made in styles and colors that give it a minimalist feel. When choosing colors, stick to muted and pale colored wood such as oak, birch, or maple. A narrow plank can also help minimize the grain and simplify any natural design. Staining your hardwood a gray tone can also give it an ultra minimal feel.

Not into hardwood flooring?  Monochromatic matte tiles are another great choice. Picking a style that is wide in size can give a home a clean, open feeling. The epitome of luxury and style. Similar to hardwood, stick with a simple color that doesn’t distract from the overall refined feel of the home.

The Rustic Farmhouse

Nothing says farmhouse more than traditional hardwood flooring. Durable and easy to clean, wood adds a natural feel and warmth to the inside of your home. Choose wide planks to line your floors as they are most accurate based off carpentry tools. The rustic feel of the farmhouse brings nature indoors.  When choosing the type of wood, lean towards options with character. Knots, minerals streaks, and graining are the epitome of uniqueness.

If hardwood is not within your budget, opt for laminate floors. Laminate can present almost exactly like hardwood, just without the hefty price tag. It is also a more durable and easy to care for option.  Another great option for the rustic farmhouse is the utilization of tile flooring.  Slate, terracotta, and patterned Spanish tiles can give your home a rustic and unique vibe.

The Coastal Getaway

Whether your home is the beach or just evokes the energy of a coastal cottage, light bright and airy flooring options will be your best bet. Light color palettes open up the space and keep things feeling bright and cheerful. Keep in mind, if you do live by the beach salt, water, and sand will be your constant uninvited guests.

Although hardwood floors are always a great option for beach houses, they easily water damaged.  To bypass this risk, laminate flooring or vinyl that mimics hardwood is a great choice.  Get the look of wood without the hassle. Not into wood? On hot summer days, nothing feels better than cool tile beneath your feet. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are great options due to their durability and ability to hold up to moisture. They are also easy to clean any leftover sand from a fun day in the surf.

The Mid-Century Modern

Spanning from the early 1930s to the mid-1960s, mid-century modern style dominated the design space.  Floors that align well with this style are terrazzo, carpet, and wood. Like most other home styles, hardwood is the tried and true choice.  Light in color, and small-planked styles tend to be more accurate to the mid-century modern design aesthetic.

If you’d like to fully embrace your mid-century modern, choosing terrazzo will be the golden ticket.  Often gray with pops of color, terrazzo was originally made with a mixture of stone or glass fragments in cement.  Nowadays it can be found in vinyl and porcelain mediums. Carpet is another popular choice for those that wish to fully embrace a retro space.  Geometric patterns, playful colors, and textures are within the mid-century modern wheelhouse.