Clean your home from top to bottom and welcome in new energy for a successful season. Follow our complete Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you focus and maximize your impact.

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All Rooms in the Home

  • Dust furniture and fixtures
  • Wipe down lighting and change bulbs
  • Polish door handles, switch plates, vents and floor registers
  • Oil wood cabinets and furniture
  • Sweep and vacuum floors
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Repair or deep clean grout joints with cleaner or steamer
  • Deep clean windows and sills and check seals
  • Wash and dust window treatments
  • Wipe down ceiling fans and blades and switch direction of blade spin
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Clean out drawers, cabinets and closets
  • Create donate and discard piles in sealed trash bags or enclosed boxes


  • Disinfect all surfaces and counters
  • Degrease stove, cooktop and oven
  • Descale the dishwasher
  • Polish sink, faucet and drain
  • Clear out the fridge of excess food and disinfect shelves and drawers
  • Sort through the freezer and defrost (if necessary)
  • Discard old expired dry goods from pantry
  • Swap out dingy kitchen towels and wash new ones more priodically
  • Wipe down baseboards and cabinet toe kicks

Living Room

  • Wash pillowcases and linens
  • Vacuum rugs and drapery
  • Dust electronics
  • Clear the fireplace and check safety valves
  • Shampoo rugs and carpets or spot clean
  • Wipe down art and knick-knacks


  • Switch out winter blankets for spring linens
  • Wash bedding including duvets, bed skirts and accent pillows
  • Flip mattress
  • Vacuum under bed and dressers
  • Clear closets for donations


  • Scrub the tub and drain
  • Remove limescale and scum from glass surfaces
  • Clean the toilet
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Restock toiletries and towels


  • Repair loose risers or squeaky boards
  • Disinfect handrails and all doorknobs
  • Secure and vacuum runners
  • Clean washer and dryer
  • Replace filter and bag in vacuum cleaner
  • Clean or replace HVAC filter
  • Disinfect all hand held devices like cell phones

External Features & Yard

  • Repair and clean window screens
  • Clean gutters of winter debris
  • Power wash siding, awnings and patio
  • Trim and remove excess foliage
  • Store winter equipment in the shed or garage
  • Check lights and sprinklers
  • Organize garage and label boxes
  • Wash and vacuum vehicles, disinfect steering wheel, controls and keys.

Download Printable Checklist