It might sound too good to be true, but trust us when we say there are many ways to refresh your space without spending a dime. Sure, it’s great fun to start from scratch, but it’s even better to use what you have on hand. Restyling is all about breathing new life into old pieces. This summer, give your home a no-cost makeover and find out how to make a stunning new statement with your favorite pre-owned pieces.

Swap Soft Goods

Pillows can be pricey and changing them out isn’t always an option. That’s why moving them to a new location can sometimes make a big difference. Steal extras from your sofa or chairs and switch them with those in your bedrooms. Lightweight scarves, throws or wraps can also be folded and tied into new, no-sew origami style covers or arranged artfully to accent seating benches and poufs.

Relocate Artwork

Give the photos in your guest room a little extra love by moving them into a place of prominence. Swap out old photos for new, relocate large posters and frames, and change up that gallery wall. Moving pieces into new space not only alters the look and feel of the space, but can also alter the mood of your art. Fresh lighting and a new frame can make an old photo shine.

Embrace Urban Foraging

Can’t get to the florist? Look to your own backyard for some free and in-season blooms. Check with friends, family and neighbors before taking any cuttings but otherwise go wild. If flowers are at a premium, look for interesting leaves, palm branches, willowy grasses or funky pods that can be showcased for a back-to-nature look.

Redirect Lighting

A well-lit room can take simple décor from drab to fab in a flash. Rearrange lighting to highlight your space. Create cozy reading nooks with softly glowing table lamps play with height and direction and switch shades between different fixtures. Play with drapery, raising or lowering shades and swapping out floor length curtains between rooms.

Turn Objects into Art

Photos aren’t the only things that can go on your walls. The sky is the limit when it comes to art. Turn baskets, plants, hats or dishware into a fun wall-mounted display. Frame a vintage scarf, string up a macramé textile piece or hang a beautiful carpet. You might be surprised at how much your perspective changes by taking an old object and going vertical.

Fill Your Fireplace

Winter isn’t the only season you can use your fireplace. But this summer, instead of lighting it up, use it to showcase your favorite goods. Fill it with pillared candles, artful logs, twinkle lights or a collection of vases. Lanterns with flameless candles are another good option to set the mood while avoiding the heat.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

If you are lucky enough to have a protected outdoor space, feel free to bring the indoors out. Move pillows, chairs, candles and throws and make a bohemian getaway. Give your indoor plants some fresh air and move them into a shady, safe spot outside. Set up a summertime cocktail bar with glassware, an ice bucket and some cool drinks. A fan with keep the breeze moving and you and your guests cool.

Try Open Shelves

When you want the look of open shelving, but aren’t sure you are truly ready to commit, give this simple hack a try. Remove your cabinet doors for an instant change. Add in decorative dishware; showcase your favorite wineglasses and change up the look of your kitchen without any major renovations. Removable wallpaper or a quick coat of paint to the interiors will add a pop that is easily reversible.

The Power of Paint

Never underestimate how big of an impact color can have on changing a room. From adding an accent wall, to refinishing a dresser, a quick coat of paint is a simple fix that makes a big impact. Look to see what you have on hand and then go wild. Matte paints can be updated with a buffed coat of colored wax or sanded down for a rustic chic style.

Streamline Knick-Knacks

There is no better way to make a space feel better than to streamline, clean and de-clutter. Put away excess décor, sweep, vacuum and dust and say goodbye to lingering grime. Fresh smells, like citrus and mint can clear out stagnant air and a fresh laundering of sheets, towels and other soft goods can refresh the space in no time at all.