Grounded from travel? Turn your home into a personal oasis with these quick and easy tips.

While regular travel is still on hold, staying home this summer doesn’t mean giving up on your right to relax. From soothing spa music to tasty treats, below are our favorite ways to capture the relaxing resort vibe right in your own home.

Capture your Outdoor Spaces

From tiny patios to spacious backyards, transform your outdoor living area into another room. Bring furniture, rugs, throws and ottomans outside. Set the tone with lighting, like candles or lanterns and settle in for an evening under the stars. Dine al fresco and elevate your meals with fresh air and cool night breezes.

Cool the Indoors

When temperatures start to climb there’s nothing like the cool relief that comes from a well functioning air conditioning system. Make sure yours is in tip-top shape by cleaning vents, vacuuming coils and keeping the Freon charged. There are many new models on the market, from single room to zoned options so no matter what your budget, there is a solution to fit your needs.

Add a Fire Feature

Camping just wouldn’t be the same without a crackling bonfire. Bring a taste of the wilderness to your backyard with a dedicated fire pit, ring or decorative terracotta chimenea. Wood, propane or natural gas are all great options for fuel. Don’t forget to stock up on cozy fireside beverages and s’more fixings for the little ones.

Upgrade Your Linens

There’s something magical about sliding into the cool, crisp, sheets of a luxury hotel. Upgrade your bed linens, throw pillows and comforter for something that will make your excited for sleep each night. Look to moisture wicking Egyptian cotton in a high thread count to help regulate temperature or organic linen for ultra breathable, super soft bedding.

Cook Outdoors

Now is the time to make use of the grill! Get out of the kitchen and bring meals outside. From griddled bacon and eggs for brunch to BBQ vegetables and steak for dinner, there is no meal that doesn’t benefit from a good dose of the outdoors. Not only will you be keeping your kitchen cool, but changing up the routine can add a dose of refreshment to energize even the most tired of home cooks.

Create a Zen den in your Bath

From scented candles to soothing white noise the possibilities for creating a spa-like environment at home are endless. Turn to aromatherapy, bath salts, fruit infused water and fluffy cotton towels to bring the spa vibe home. Settle in for a guided meditation as you soak in the tub. Remove clutter, add a few plants and luxuriate in some DIY spa treatments.

Create Your Morning Rituals

Start your day on the right foot by creating a mini-routine just for you. Figure out what your perfect morning includes and try to implement it every day. Whether that means going for a walk, caring for your plants, journaling, meditating or creating that perfect cup of coffee, carve out a few minutes each day that are predictable and calm.

Re-dedicate to a Work Life Balance

With so many of us working from home, it can be hard to know when to disconnect. But even with the constant pressure of work, endless emails and scrolling will eventually lead to burnout. Keep yourself balanced by setting boundaries – and keeping them. Set an alarm on your phone to know when to put away the laptop or create your own personal “office hours” so family knows when to respect your time. When you’re off the clock, be present and know that work can wait.

Explore new Cuisines in Your Kitchen

Constant cooking at home can mean getting stuck in the same old rut. Break out of the ordinary and explore a new cuisine. From online blogs to library books, new recipes for extraordinary dishes are just a click away. Change up the menu and eat the foods of your favorite destination. Just because you can’t travel abroad does not mean you can’t experience the best dishes from around the world.

Create Moments of Joy

Finally, indulge in the things that bring you happiness. With everything in such chaos, take a moment to breathe and appreciate life’s small pleasures. Add personal touches to your space that are just for you! That might mean adding fresh flowers to your grocery order, keeping a bowl of perfectly snack-ready fruit on the counter, or indulging in art, books or music from your favorite local artists. Take the time to make space for the little things that bring joy to life. You deserve it!