In most homes, the living room is typically the largest room of the house. It is a multi-use space for relaxing with family, hosting social events, movie nights, parties and much more. That is why when it comes to design, it’s important to choose a floor that is ready for any occasion. We recommend something durable and low-maintenance that can stand up to repeated wear and tear. These days there are many options that do the job successfully. Check out our top three below.

Wood Floors

Choosing wood for your living room is a classic choice. Available in many colors, grains, stains and plank styles it is a selection that will remain in style for years to come. Wood floors are comfortable to walk on, easy to look after and retain heat better than ceramic, stone or porcelain tiles. They are also usually compatible with many types of under floor heating – which make them a good choice for homes in a cooler climate.

While solid hardwood is a worthwhile investment, it can be a pricey choice. Engineered hardwood is more affordable but still maintains the good looks of its more expensive counterparts along with some of its better attributes. Like solid hardwood, engineered selections can still be refinished, albeit fewer times, are resistant to wear and tear, and are easy to clean. They embody the best qualities of wood for half the cost as well as the the timeless look and equal durability.

Vinyl Flooring

There are many advantages of choosing vinyl for your living room. It is very durable, resistant to moisture and simple to install. While traditional notions of vinyl may conjure up visions of dated kitchens and baths, modern options are available in an almost limitless rainbow of designs, colors and styles. They are fresh, safe for everyday use (low VOC options are available) and affordable when compared to wood or tile.

These qualities make vinyl an attractive choice for many homes, especially when homeowners are hoping to repair and maintain floors themselves or even tackle the installation. Vinyl flooring is also available in wood-look options; perfect for living rooms that need to stand up to increased foot-traffic or areas with intense wet weather. No need to fear wet winter boots, kids or pets, vinyl can stand up to the challenge.

Carpets or Area Rugs

Traditional and practical, carpet adds literal warmth and coziness to any space. When considering carpet for a living room, it is important to choose an option that fits your lifestyle as well as your aesthetics. Carpet is available in many natural and interesting options. Don’t assume that plush models are your only choice. For a bohemian look, check out seagrass, sisal or coir models, which derive from coconut husks. For a classic look, consider wool or high-end synthetic. For something bold, look for patterns, bright colors or interesting textures. Because carpet does show wear and tear more than a hardwood or vinyl options, make sure to protect your investment with proper supporting materials.

Whether you’re considering wall to wall or area rugs with layered or “zoned” placement, create a solid foundation with proper rug matting. Rug mats protect the knots or backing on carpet as well as create a cushion for comfort underfoot. Regular vacuuming paired with an annual professional deep cleaning will keep carpets looking good and well maintained.

Let your floors be the star of the show when it comes to the look and function of your living space. With a little planning and some help from the experts, we can assist you in selecting the perfect choice for your home.