3 Ways to Protect Your Flooring From Sun Exposure

Brighter days are ahead as we get closer and closer to the coming Spring season.  But while the gorgeous sunlight may be great for your flowers, it’s not so great for your hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors are photosensitive. This means any direct exposure to sunlight can have an impact – causing either a fading or darkening of the floors. Some species of wood are more likely to react to sunlight than others, such as Brazilian Cherry, American Walnut or Tigerwood. The sun’s UV light can also react with the finish used to seal the floor.

So as a homeowner, you should take the proper steps to limit the amount of sunlight reaching your floors.

  1. Shut blinds and curtains during the day. If you have blinds with horizontal slats, try angling them upward so that sunlight is directed to the walls and not the floors.2. Rearrange furniture and move carpets so different parts of the floor will be exposed to the sunlight and the floor won’t fade or darken too much in any one spot.
  2. Use special window films or tints to help block the sun’s damaging rays. Trust a reputable window tint company to install a film over your windows that blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet rays.

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