Rustic style has come a long way from its farmhouse roots. From shiplap, reclaimed wood and subway tile, this year we can expect a more modern take on the old cliché. In essence, rustic style uses natural materials, like wood and stone along with textured fabric like canvas, linen and burlap to create a comfortable, casual look. It puts emphasis on nature, simplicity and reliability.

It is cozy, hand-made, and in harmony with the nature. Unfortunately, it has also become synonymous with country farmhouse when in reality it is so much more versatile. This year, redecorate with a rustic look that doesn’t evoke a country cottage. Check out our tips below for embracing a modern rustic look.

Vintage Finds

Ditch anything overtly homestead. Swap faux rusted signage and distressed milk crates for something more authentic. Instead think outside the box when it comes to vintage goods. Go for reclaimed hardware like sinks, drawer pulls and lighting fixtures. Look for heirloom ceramics, depression era glassware and handmade textiles. Give new life to old furniture repurposing it into something new. Think turning a dresser into a bathroom vanity or refinishing and re-staining wood floors. No matter what type of home you have, from downtown condo or suburban villa, vintage finds can make it your home feel like a lived-in escape from reality.

Saturated Tones and Texture

For 2021, the Pantone color trends for spring and summer include bright shades of orange, red and blue as well as soothing neutrals in khaki, navy, white and ashen grey. These trends reflect a sense of naturalness and ease for a soothing change for the New Year. For a modern rustic look, choose furniture and linens in a saturated tone, incorporating lots of texture. Rustic style relies on the idea of comfort, so anything cozy and soft – bonus if it’s in a creamy neutral – fits the bill.

Eco Chic

Bring the outdoors in by adding plants to a space and including wood tone elements. The climbing vines of a houseplant can bring attention to tall ceilings or raw and natural wall textures, while shorter robust varieties can help create vignettes and shape nooks and reading areas. Plants serve to not only fill out the space with natural energy, but also can help purify the air. A countertop herb garden in the kitchen is both functional and visually interesting. Wood floors, beams and natural cabinets can also be a great way to embrace an eco-chic vibe. Look for a rustic style with a modern wood tone, or an unfinished cabinet built in a sleep and seamless style.

Lovely Lighting

While Edison bulbs might be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for rustic lighting, there are other options to enhance a vintage vibe. The main goal should be to create a space that is warm, soft and forgiving. Look for something that echoes the soft flickering of natural candlelight or the warm tones of a sunset golden hour. The main goal should be soft and inviting lighting. Stay away from anything that throws off a harsh glare or glow that is too white or surgical.

With these simple tips you can update your style with organic sustainable materials, repurposed and refurnished finds and strike balance between modern sensibilities with traditional charm.