As the days grow longer and the weather warms, the desire to give your home a much-needed spring home refresh that is bound to strike. While the words “spring cleaning” may come to mind, we’ve got something much better in store. By taking the time to do more than just thoroughly deep clean, our well thought out plan to organize, rearrange and streamline will infuse your space with a new rush of fresh energy whose benefits will last far into the summer.

So, where should you begin?

Step 1: Perform a deep clean

Taking the time to thoroughly clean your home from the inside out will give new energy to the items already in your house. To avoid being overwhelmed by the task at hand, we recommend starting with one room and taking it slow. If you try to tackle too much at once, it’s easy to burn out and increase the likelihood of not finishing the task. Break it down into simple steps working in clockwise circle, from the top to bottom of the room.

Remember, deep cleaning means cleaning below the surface. Take items off bookshelves, empty drawers and pantries, and throw out anything you no longer use or is expired. Roll up rugs to vacuum and mop the entire floor, then unroll your rug and vacuum that! Shake, shimmy, and dust off old items, donate or repurpose when you can. Turn on some tunes and get out that duster, have fun and let the cleaning party begin!

Step 2: Get organized

Once the dust has settled and your home is tidy and clean, it’s time to get organized. Rearrange items per function and ensure everything has a place to live. Clear clutter and eliminate any piles or catch-alls have been building up. For larger spaces, understand that this does not have to be done all at once. Make it a goal to eliminate one tiny annoyance a day. Keep losing your TV remotes? Create an electronics corral to keep them all together. Cords tripping you up? Buy that cord keeper you’ve been eyeing for months and set it into action. Small changes can make a big impact on mental health and before you know it, everything is in its place once again.

Step 3: Rearrange to refresh

Getting your home ready for the change of seasons can be a great way to celebrate throughout the year but purchasing new items every few months is not always realistic. A great way to get that fresh feeling without breaking the bank is the simple act of rearranging the space.

One of the greatest secrets in home design is the act of rearranging your items to transform your space. By moving pieces of furniture such as the couch, to a different part of the room, you are updating and changing the flow of energy in the space. Try multiple different scenarios to get visuals of all your options before settling in on your new spring layout.

Step 4: Bring the outdoors in

Nothing says spring more than fresh flowers and green foliage. Hit the farmers market for fragrant bouquets of seasonal blooms and herbs to brighten up even the darkest of corners. Take the time to tend your houseplants and propagate stems for new springtime buds. Even if your green thumb is less than vibrant, faux plants and oil diffusers can add scent and color to a neutral space. Floral blankets, pillows and throws can also add a hint of color without any maintenance at all.

Step 5: Update your decor

Updating and upgrading your decor can bring new energy to a stale space, especially one that is still holding big winter vibes. Instead of completing a major interior redesign, focus on changing smaller items like lampshades, artwork, and shelving knick-knacks. As the weather begins to warm, change out bedding for something lighter. Swap thick comforters for light springtime quilts and thick, fluffy towels for waffle knit weaves and linens.

With these tips, your home will soon be bursting with the festive energy of spring. Remember, start slow and create a schedule to help tackle your deep clean. Throw out and donate whatever doesn’t serve you and fully embrace organization. By refreshing your home with springtime florals, you will be sitting back and relaxing in a newfound sanctuary in no time.  And when you’re ready to update your flooring, we are a click or phone call away.