When it comes to high-traffic areas of your home, stairs really take a beating. With near constant use from family, kids and pets stairs can go from being a design feature to a home hazard. One great and easy solution for upping the safety and improving the look of your stairs is to add carpet. Not only is this a stylish solution, but it also reduces the danger of accidental slips and falls. Carpet softens a room, can muffle footsteps and makes your home feel more cozy and comfortable – but how to choose the perfect type for your project?

Save or Splurge?

When it comes to quality, chose the best option that will work for your budget. As one of the main passages of the home, staircases need to withstand high-impacts and near constant use, especially considering the extra force of gravity as guests ascend and descend the stairs. This might mean picking a style that is different from flooring in the bedrooms or rest of the home. Think long-term and invest in something that will last.

Carpet Durability

For stairs, choose something that is well made and pair it with a recommended carpet pad. Look for a style that firm and thin, rather than plush and thick. While the stairs will not feel as bouncy the thinner cushion will hold up better and provide a safer and more stable surface for everyday use. An upgraded rug pad might seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but it will actually add to the longevity of your carpet in the long run. Carpet pads have been proven to contribute to the overall lifespan of a rug, saving you time and money overall.

Thick or Thin?

While plush carpet might be appealing for the bedroom or living areas, it’s less desirable for carpeting up a staircase. Look for something with a thinner profile that has a tight, dense weave and a pile no higher than ½ inch. The main concern is where the carpet wrapping around the nosing of the tread. Toes and shoes can get caught when ascending the staircase and increase the possibility of slippage and falls. This will also contribute to added wear on the edges of your stairs. Longer pile can also become compacted over the years, trap dirt and require more upkeep to maintain its original look.

Camouflage Wear

Even in the cleanest of homes, stairs can be one of the few areas where dirt can hide. While you might love the neutral look of light colors and lovely creams, your stairs won’t. High-use combined with difficulty in cleaning means carpeted treads need to withstand soil and grime. A darker neutral or mottled shade can help disguise areas of wear in between cleanings and keep things from looking dingy. While beige is one of the most popular choices, a good rule of thumb is to choose a color that is one or two shades darker than the color of the walls.

How Much Coverage?

Depending on your taste and the style of your staircase, carpet coverage can vary greatly. It’s important to not only consider the practicality of your project but also the visual appeal. Do you have simple, straight stairs that are constructed in a single run, or one with multiple landings? Are your stairs curved, sweeping or grand? Are the treads extra wide, small, narrow or spiraling? From wall to wall carpet, staircase runners or individual carpeted treads, deciding on how much coverage will help you narrow down your final choice.

So for your next staircase project, turn to Next Day Floors. Simple to install and easy on the feet, carpet is a great solution for your stairs and home.