With today’s technology, many common materials are being updated to become more durable and long lasting. Like performance materials found in clothing, high performance materials used in the home need to withstand high foot traffic, wear and tear, and stains and spills of daily life. Most of these performance materials are made from synthetic matter. They are engineered to be durable, fade resistant, and antimicrobial.

Performance Flooring


The biggest differences between regular and high-performance carpet are its fiber content, construction, and backing. These upgrades allow the carpet to be durable and long lasting. This is especially good when installed in areas of high foot traffic that need to maintain a “like new” appearance.

With the advancements made in fiber content, carpet manufacturers have added nylon fiber to their blends which reduces the ability of stains to penetrate the carpet. The nylon also allows the carpet to not become crushed after being walked on. High performance carpet is usually low pile.

There are also advancements made in the backing materials utilized. These changes make the carpet more long lasting, have anti soiling and antimicrobial abilities, and possess odor blocking technologies. Performance carpets can have a moisture barrier that is resistant to liquids soaking through to the padding or subfloor.


Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought-after materials when renovating or upgrading your home. However, hardwood has its drawbacks. While it may not be the best choice in the presence of moisture, it is also prone to ding and dents from daily use. Cue, performance hardwood. Not only is this type of flooring waterproof, but it is also pet proof, and scratch resistant. This minimizes care and maintenance and allows you to have beautiful hardwood for years to come.

Performance Fabric

One word. Durability! Performance fabrics are most seen being used for indoor and outdoor items such as boats, campers, and cars. They can also be used for patio cushions and interior pillows that experience a lot of natural sunlight. These fabrics are created with woven, synthetic fibers that retain shape and color no matter what! That means you no longer must be afraid of dirty paws, spills, or bad weather!  These fabrics are also easy to maintain and can be simply cleaned with soapy water or a soft brush.

Synthetic fibers also do not fade. Many hold UV resistance qualities due to the way they are dyed. Instead of dying just the outside of the fiber, performance fabrics are dyed all the way to the fiber’s core. This ensures that the color does not fade or rub off with use.

They are also water, mold, and mildew resistant. Many high-performance fabrics are made up of acrylic fibers which are naturally hydrophobic. This means the fibers do not absorb a lot of water. If they are not made of acrylic, the fabric is then treated with a water-repellent coating. These qualities make performance fabrics ideal for patio furniture.

When it comes to high performance and easy cleaning of flooring and fabrics in your home, remember to always looks for a synthetic fibers like acrylic and nylon. While natural fibers like wool and cotton remain a staple in the home, they also perform incredibly well. The difference however is how to clean and maintain these materials.