Winter weather is right around the corner. While you’re prepping your home for snow and sleet, don’t forget about your floors. From salty boots to wet pets, ice and mud will take a toll on your entryway. Ensure your floors stay looking great into the summer season by picking the best flooring for entryways. The best options will stand up to moisture and dirt as well as be easy to clean and maintain. Whatever your entryway is facing, these durable flooring ideas will help create a beautiful and resilient space.

Polished Concrete

Extremely durable with a modern twist, polished concrete takes practicality to the max. It is water resistant, easy to clean and withstands almost anything you can throw at it. Kids, pets, and winter guests won’t need to worry about damage when entering through a concrete floored mudroom. But do not assume that concrete is limited to an industrial look. It can be stained, sealed, stamped, scored, or etched to change its appearance – warming it up for a modern farmhouse look or beachy lakeside escape.

Luxury Vinyl

Made of a high-end synthetic wood product, luxury vinyl offers the look and feel of hardwood but without any of the maintenance. It is waterproof, durable, and very long lasting. It is simple to install over existing flooring and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. Installation is relatively easy and makes for a quick turnaround on any renovation project. It is a favorite for DIY updates since there is no need to seal or stain the planks, and easy stick backing means no grout or glue needed.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

Tile is one of the most popular choices. Not only is it affordable and durable but sealed tile resists grime, moisture and is great for high-traffic areas. Tile is easy to clean with a mop and holds up well to repeated wear and tear. It come in a variety of colors, patterns and price ranges which makes it suitable for every project. For a vintage look, check out penny tile or hex patterns. For something modern, wood-look tiles offer the appearance of hardwood with none of the maintenance. Cement tile offers a cool, minimal look but it must be sealed properly to lock out water.

Engineered Hardwood

While solid hardwood isn’t typically recommended in areas that are subject to high-humidity or moisture, engineered hardwood is a solid choice for areas where only the look of wood will do. Some Engineered products are now offering water resistant or waterproof options but sure to check the specifications or your individual brand. Because this man-made product is created in layers, it is a little more stable that solid hardwood and less prone to expansion and contraction. This allows for a tighter fit and maintains the shape and structure when winter weather can suck humidity from the air and cause creaking.


When going green is your main objective, bamboo is a top contender. It is an environmentally smart choice as well as one that affordable, sustainable, and durable. It is suitable for many areas of the home, but especially those that might be exposed to wet or moist elements. Like hardwood, it comes in a wide variety of stains and styles making it easy to match decor of your home.

Overall, there are many choices that will hold up well to repeated exposure to water and moisture. Each material offers its own pros and cons that only you can decide is right for your space. If the choice is still too difficult, let us help you pick the best material for your project.