When shorter days and cooler nights start creeping in, it is the perfect time to set yourself up for a new season. Ready your home to fall into autumn with these simple transitions. From updating the look of your space to the practical side of winter prep, a few simple changes will transform your home from summer staycation to winter hideaway.

Swap Décor

When thinking seasonally, focus on the main living spaces of your home to capture the essence of the year. In the living room, switch out pillow covers for something textural and cozy. Break out the blankets and throws for an easy way to warm up. Swap out light cottons and linens for thicker knits like velvet, wool, and cashmere. Rearrange lighting to create softly lit vignettes and add accents like scented candles, autumnal florals, and other natural elements to set the tone.

Preventive Maintenance

While you can still enjoy the long summer days, make sure you take those few extra hours to inspect your home. Clear out vents, gutters, drains and downspouts. Check windows, eaves, foundations and rooflines for weak spots or damage. The sun can do a number on awnings and patio furniture, to make sure to check for holes or other spaces that hibernating critters might think to hide. Driveways, patios, decks, and walkways can benefit from a good power wash and checked over for loose bricks, pavers or concrete that might become dangerous in winter weather.

Swap Out Summer Items

Autumn is a great time to refresh your linens. From bed coverings to towels, rugs, and throws swap out lightweight items for a thicker weave. Consider the weight of your comforter or duvet. Pack away the light cotton quilts for down or fiber filled bed coverings and don’t forget to add extra blankets. Change out bathroom rugs for a more substantial floor covering and even consider updating your art. Set the mood with seasonal bath items like lotions, salts, or scrubs and warm up the lighting with scented candles.

Ready The Garage

Garages can suffer a good amount of abuse in the summer. From beach items to backyard grill fests, they can become a catch-all for summer playthings. Before rain and snow make an appearance, clear out the area and reclaim your space. Label, organize and donate unwanted items and make room for your vehicle. Don’t forget to prep your patio furniture for future hibernation. Give your grill some attention by cleaning the traps and de-greasing the grates. When spring rolls around, you can fire it up with no unpleasant surprises. Check your outdoor areas for adequate drainage and sweep up dust, leaves and other detritus from decking to prevent rot when wet.

Stay Safe

When fall breezes and early flurries moves the party indoors, ensure your family stays safe by keeping smoke and carbon monoxide detectors up to date. Test your devices and change batteries annually. Inspect exterior doors for wear and tear and install timers or motion detection on outdoor lights.  If you use a home security system, check sensors and cameras for malfunctions and confirm your plan is current. Finally, even though grilling season might be over, it is a smart idea to keep a small handheld fire extinguisher in your kitchen and garage.

Plan For Improvements

If you’ve been looking for the perfect moment to start a project, the end of summer is a great time to check it off the list. Before the schedule fills up with holiday engagements plan for home improvements. Replace old flooring with something durable, beautiful, and timeless like authentic hardwood, we have a wide range for you to choose from. Repair cracked walkways or paths and take them from slippery to safe. Lay out ideas for next year’s landscaping and ensure your wintertime planting will bloom into bountiful spring green.  With a little planning, prevention, and elbow grease you’ll be ready to win your autumn house goals.

With a few small changes, your space will be ready to greet the holidays and chilly weather in style.