The best hotels bring something special to their guests. They have the power to turn an ordinary trip into a vacation. The sights, smells, and ambiance are all designed to perfectly set the tone. Interested in learning how to make your home feel like a hotel? Capture the charm of your favorite getaway with these easy tricks and turn your home into your very own staycation getaway.

Find your focus

The best hotels have a distinctive style and theme. From Parisian chic, bohemian chill or classic minimalism finding your focus can help distill down your distinctive vibe. Keep this in mind when choosing decor, paint colors and furnishing and make sure everything echoes the same tone and feel. Use transitional spaces to showcase unique art and other curiosities. Find your niche and stick to it with simple, statement making choices. Avoid clutter and confusion by keeping things fresh and streamlined.

Give your guests something to remember

Treat yourself like a visitor and stock your home with the little luxuries that guests love. Scented soap in the bathroom, chocolates by the bedside and fresh linens and towels at the ready. Consolidate your electric charges into a single station. Create your own kitchen coffee and tea area and stock it with your favorite brew. Set up a grab and go snack box for ready-to-eat goodies. Take the time to organize, tidy and prep so that when the times comes you can just sit back and relax.

Get inspired by your location

Take advantage of your home turf and pick out the best that local vendors have to offer. From handmade textiles and linens to locally roasted espresso beans show support for your neighborhood and reap the best your city has to offer. Connect with your community and play tourist in your own city. Take advantage of good weather by throwing open the doors and windows and playing with lighting and window dressings. For colder climates, snuggle down with a cozy fire, a good book and watch the raindrops fall. No matter where you live, find the best thing about your view, and embrace it.

Contrast and Colors

Hotels put a lot of thought into their color schemes. From energizing reds and rusts to soothing blue and moody greys, a well-appointed color palette can set the tone as soon as you enter a room. Saturation and shade are the cornerstones of color psychology and can influence the way you feel in a space. Typically, darker colors are more intimate, cozy, and sophisticated, while lighter shades feel airy, relaxing, and brighter. Play with your space and see what feels good to you. Don’t forget about lighting. Look for soft, warm tones that aren’t too bright or cold.

Scale and Proportion

Hotels know the secret to a statement making space is all about proportion. Make sure to choose furnishings and hardware that fix the size of your home. For high ceilings and lofty spaces go grand and look for pieces that will fill the room. Make an impact with texture, color, and interesting patterns. Use color pops to draw the eye and bring attention to different features of the home. For smaller rooms look to vignettes to showcase corners and nooks, choose furniture that isn’t overpowering but feels well appointed and comfortable. Keep is simple and leave walking areas and breathing room around seating and lounging areas. Think of furniture as more than just a function piece, but as an element of design. A table is never just a table, it’s a sculpture that you just happen to set your drink on.