Your stairs are more than just a way of getting from one floor to another. They’re a chance to showcase your passions, tastes and talents in a beautiful and unique way. Good design leaves no space untouched, so when it comes to stairs don’t let the opportunity to make a statement slip out of reach. Using the basic elements of good design: like color, texture, light and space – find out how to make your stairs into a gorgeous vignette of style.

Springtime Showcase

Keep your decor fresh by showcasing seasonal decor. For spring, add a colorful runner to ward off the chill and keep feet cozy before barefoot summers make their debut. Add cut flowers and plants to tables and landings and swap out art for a something bright and cheery. Seasonal plants like lilys, daffodils and iris make great potted décor and can be arranged in eye-pleasing groupings up and down the risers.

Color and Texture

Stair treads come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. From the silvery grays in our Canvasback Jacinto to the cooling white washed look of our Lighthouse Serene color plays a big part in setting the tone of your space. From dark and classy to light and airy, choose a material that speaks to your aesthetic. For something more fun, add tiled accents to your risers or a textured, richly-hued carpet runner. Use paint to your advantage for quick updates to banisters and handrails.

Spotlight Shelving

For wider stairs, adding shelving to the base and walls of your stairs can add a fun and funky touch. The complementary lines will draw the eye up and onward and encourage visitors to pause and explore the space. Add charm and personality with complimentary paint colors and coordinating knick knacks.

More is More

Show off a big and bold approach right on your staircase. Go monochromatic with an all-over paint color in a bright jewel tone or classy neutral. Use lighting to your advantage for a moody and dark look, or add accents with decorative sconces, toe-kick or uplighting. Showcase a two-story gallery wall with matching frames or a selection of photos with a single theme. Choose a large format art piece and hang it at a landing or at the top of the stairs.

Go Green for Spring

Bring in the green with a beautiful collection of house plants. Indoor foliage is having a serious moment and there’s no better place to add living beauty than your stairs. Indoor-loving staghorns thrive as wall-mounted accents and will grow leafy and wide in indirect sun. Pointy snake plants draw the eye up and add a vertical lines to the space. Choose a variety to create a cluster or go bold with one, big statement-making beauty. Trailing pothos vines will climb as you direct them, drawn toward any usable light source.

Artful Architecture

Want your stairs to the do the talking? Skip the clutter and let your materials speak for themselves. Design your showpiece using clean lines, statement molding, wood stain that pops and an experienced eye. Call in the professionals at Next Day Floors to find a product that is perfect for you and create the stairs that will shine for years to come.