Entering into a new year brings renewed opportunities for evolution and change. As we continue through challenging times, one thing stays constant – the desire to create a comfortable and welcoming home. While trends come and go, the most important part of interior design is to create a space that you love. Combining elements that function well with your lifestyle as well as create a safe and nurturing space for you and your family can help smooth out the rough times and make your home a place of renewal. Check out our latest predictions for the comforting and stylish trends of 2022.

Black Accents

All white everything has had a strong foothold in the design space for the last few years.  In 2022, expect to see black accents enter into minimalist spaces.  These can be seen in black doors, kitchen hardware, window frames, and furniture.  Bathroom tiles will also be showcasing this contrasting color with interesting black and white patterns and geometric shapes.  Adding black in light neutral areas will create contrast and add depth to your home while keeping a clean and simple palette.


Soft, wavy lines are replacing angular, geometric shapes this new year. Think of it as an opportunity to embrace the softer side of life. Curves are being seen in home architecture features like hallway arches and rounded windows as well as hardware, floor design and appliances. Beveled edges and buffed corners have taken over for hard sharp edges. But don’t fret if your home has angular features; add curves by investing in curved furniture such as chairs and sofas.  Additionally, squiggly accessories, like mirrors, lamps, and candles will also be all on trend and are easy to add to your decor to up level your space.


Green is currently having a major moment in the design space. For 2022, shades will range from neutral lighter greens to dark and moody emerald. While 2021 brought nature into the house quite literally, houseplants anyone? Green toned walls, furniture and accessories bring the sense of nature in without the care instructions.  Create a dark and moody kitchen with jewel toned cabinets or add neutral contrast by choosing a green-greige for your living room walls.  Green also goes great with browns, beiges, and rust – again, think colors that are found in nature.


Say goodbye to shiplap and hello to wallpaper! Accent walls in living rooms, offices, and bathrooms transform spaces from plain and boring to fun and funky. Abstract botanicals and a variety of animals will be popular and will add interest to any room. Combine this with the a moody shade of green for a double hitter on trend.

Warmer and More Colorful Kitchens

Similar to what we are seeing in living spaces, kitchens are also getting an update with the use of bold, colorful cabinetry.  2022 is stepping away from all-white and gray kitchens and instead embracing warm wood cabinets with pops of color. Shades such as emerald green, navy blue, and smoky gray are all on trend this year. But don’t forget the appliances. Stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers have been seen sporting colorful enameled surfaces. Go bold in the kitchen with a sunny cooking space and inject some style and fun into your cooking area.

Biophilic Bathrooms

Biophilia, defined as the innate human instinct to nature, will be largely found in bathroom spaces this year.  Add plants, pampas grass, and natural colors to create a Zen bathroom of your dreams. As an added bonus, houseplants also improve the air quality of your home as well as thrive in the humid conditions of many bathrooms. Bring a hint of nature inside with creeping vines and large leafed accessories. Ferns, pothos and other moisture loving varietals thrive in damp environments. Set them in a sunny spot or add a light for additional effect.