It doesn’t take a massive renovation to re-think your space. Create multi-purpose rooms with these simple tips and updates.

Today more than ever before, we are living our lives at home. Make the most of your personal space by having it do more for your family. Free yourself from standard expectations of what your rooms are, and instead, think of what they could be! The possibilities are endless when you consider that limitations are just suggestions. Follow along as we show you some great ways to maximize your rooms.

Make Your Surfaces Do Double Duty

From coffee tables to dining sets, choose furniture that is easy to transform. Tables, for example, are great multi-functional players. A hidden leaf can help a daytime desk do double duty as a dinner area. Paired with a slim desk chair, wireless headphones and a laptop computer, an office can quickly become a gathering space for family and friends to share a meal. A coffee table with fold out shelf can be both storage and secondary eating area. Low side tables become casual seats. Look for nesting models and those with hidden storage to maximize on function.

Utilize Small Spaces

Nooks and crannies are often overlooked when it comes to functional home design. Make use of your small spaces by turning them into useful storage and work areas. Add a corner desk, L-shaped bookshelf or storage cabinet to hide clutter. Look for something wall mounted or fold down to free up floor space. Nestle baskets or decorative tubs along the baseboards to hold soft goods and decorative items.

When in Doubt, Go Vertical

When floor space is at a minimum, aim for the sky. Create a mezzanine to capitalize on high ceilings and lofty spaces. Elevate beds or create cozy seating areas up off the ground. Reclaim the area beneath for dining, reading, gym time or play. Install bookshelves, wall storage or other low-profile pieces along with strategic lighting to set the mood – and of course, don’t forget the fan. Elevated spaces are known to trap heat during hot summers.

Don’t Spare the Stairs

Most homes with a second level have space already building under their staircases. While this might usually serve as a dumping ground for cleaning products and other random household items, make the most of this by infusing it with a purpose. From built in bookcases, children’s play areas, custom pet getaways and tiny wine cellars, the possibilities for this funky space are endless. The first step is to clear out the clutter. A space is only as useful as you make it.

Get Crafty With The Laundry

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated laundry room, think about using it for more than just cleaning your clothes. Usually meant to handle messes, with tile floors, built in sinks and lots of storage, use it as a landing space for crafts, work, or other home improvement projects that are too messy for your more formal rooms. Repot plants, grow your green thumb and use the warm humid air to your advantage. A stackable washer and dryer unit, or even an all-in-one, will allow you to make the most of a small footprint.

Fold Away Sleeping Areas

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you made your bed, it just disappeared? With a murphy bed, that dream is a reality. Modern murphy beds have come a long way from their large cabinets and bulky mechanisms. With sleek side panels, floating shelves and built in seating, murphy beds can be both a designer accent and an additional sleeping area. With the bed hidden, cozy chairs and a big screen turn the space into a theatre. Add subtle storage and overhead lighting for a kids study area or playroom. A murphy unit is perfect for seldom-used guest rooms, studio abobes or any true multi-use spaces.